(Silver V) Account for sale! Level 30 almost all champs 39 skins! 20 rune pages $550

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    How the trade will work 1: Add my account "kittysrevenge" 2: I will screen share and show you champs, Runes, skins, ETC (So you know its real) 3: You send your money to me first or we get an price starts at 550$ Skins: raditional Sqjuani Traditional Trundle Dragon Trainer Lulu Death Blossom Elise Rocket Girl Tristana Mecha Kha'Zix Arcade Sona Glacial Malphite Soul Reaver Draven Sad Robot Amumu Dark Crystal Ryze Scarlet Hammer Poppy Iron Solari Leona Jade Dragon Wukong Guqin Sona Arctic Ops Kennen Frost Queen Janna Musketeer Twisted Fate Asylum Shaco Mad Scientist Singed Renegade Talon Bloodstone Taric Ravager Nocturne Undertaker Yorick Sewn Chaos Orianna Jaximus Traditional Lee Sin Sheriff Caitlyn Karate Kennen Northern Front Swain Freljord Ashe Shurima Desert Zilean Uncle Ryze Boom Boom Blitzcrank French Maid Nidalee Infernal Mordekaiser Bird Of Prey Anivia Molten Rammus
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.