Sold Silver seller Im available now to buy or sell Multiple payment methods [XB1][PS4][2K21] Xbox...

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    Selling Xbox MT - $12 per 100K

    Selling PS MT - $10 per 100K

    Sell your MT if you need/want extra cash. ISO Xbox and PS MT

    Accepting PayPal (no international fee if in US), cashapp, zelle, Apple Pay, gift cards(price a little higher to cover fees). Will pay using PayPal, cashapp, zelle, Apple Pay and digital gift cards

    Check out my rep page for the positive reviews in the past few days and month. Quite a few repeat customers because of the safe and quick service.

    Will sell/buy at amounts less than 100k. 100k seems to be the norm but any amount less than 100k is ok (ex: 43k)

    Instant delivery! Usually less than 5 minutes after cards are put up!!

    Also buying Xbox MT & PS MT well below market value. Message me if you’re looking to sell for some extra cash

    Check out my rep page for reviews

    Rep Page I (Archived 2/11/2021)

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    [link] .
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