Sold Siel Asmo - Gladiator high-end! Hello, I'd like to...

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    Siel Asmo - Gladiator high-end! Hello, I'd like to SELL this toon on Siel Asmodian, not willing to trade at all. Blood Mark Accessories Discordant Combat Earrings x2 Discordant Combat Rings x2 Discordant Combat Necklace Discordant Combat Belt AP Accessories Archon Squad Leader's Topaz Earrings x2 Archon Squad Leader's Topaz Ring x2 Archon Centurion's Leather Belt Archon Centurion's Garnet Necklace Wings Dramata's Wings Storm Wings Reian Elite Soldier's Wing Helms Fearless Skirmisher's Helm Noble Chain Champion's Hood (Chain 55 c2) Hule's Helm (Plate 60 c1) Abassador's set Abassador's Divine Greaves+1 (Crit +17/Accuracy +13 x6; Aug 2) Abassador's Divine Gauntlets+1 (Crit +17 x3, Atta +5/Accu +13 x3; Aug 2) Genium Set Genium's Breastplate +1 (Mag res +14 x5) Genium's Greaves +1 (Mag res +14 x5) Genium's Sabatons (Mag res +14 x5) Genium's Gauntlets (Mag res +14 x5) Genium's Shoulderplates (Mag Res +16 x5) e50 Set Elite Archon Tribunus's Shoulderplates +10 (Attack +5 x6) Elite Archon Tribunus's Gauntlets +12 (Attack +5 x6) Elite Archon Tribunus's Sabatons +10 (Crit +17 x6) Elite Archon Tribunus's Greaves +10 (Crit +17 x6) Elite Archon Tribunus's Breastplate +10 (Attack +5 x6) Blood Mark Eternal Set Fearless Skirmisher's Breastplate +5 (4x Accuracy +29, 1x Accuracy +31) Fearless Skirmisher's Gauntlets +3 (4x Accuracy +29, 1x Accuracy +31) Fearless Skirmisher's Sabatons +5 (4x Crit Strike +19, 1x Accuracy +31) Fearless Skirmisher's Shoulderplates +5 (4x Accuracy +29, 1x Accuracy +31) Fearless Skirmisher's Greaves +6 (4x Crit Strike +19, 1x Accuracy +31) Antro set Antro's Gauntlets (Accuracy +29 x5) Fenris Set (ready to skin or sell) Weapons Discordant Polearm +10, fused with 55 c2 Spear (10x Crit +19; Paralyze Godstone) (TS skin) Vasharti's Spear +10 fused with 55 c2 Spear (Mag res +14 x10; Paralyze Godstone) (Elementis Skin) Discordant Bow fused with Kahrun Bow (Accu +27 x10; Mov Speed down Godstone) Discordant Dagger +3 (5x Attack +5; 20% 188 dmg Godstone) Discordant Sword +3 (5x Attack +5; 10% 376 dmg Godstone) Discordant Greatsword Tahabata's Sword Tririoan's Spear Tririoan's Greatsword Medals/Insignas 8 Ceramium Medals 38 Fragmented Ceramiums 1.4k Blood Marks 69 Arena Of Chaos Tickets 9 Merrymakers tokens 150 Legion Coins 6 Conquerors Marks 32k Cruci Insi 2.8k Courage Insi 22 Mihtril Medals 1 Platinum Medals 78 Kahrun Symbols 9 Shaper's Tokens 69 Guestpetals 84 Acension Crystals Crafts Lvl 517 Handicrafting (Crafting Ceramium Medals) Lvl 399 Armorsmithing Lvl 399 Weaponsmithing Lvl 499 Alchemy (Scrolls and Fine Recov Serum designs) Lvl 226 Essencetapping Various Morphing designs (to craft alchemy stuff) Others 1.1m AP Ancient Ring of Magic Cirruspeed (Cloud mount) Lvl 65 pvp stigmas; lvl 65 Blood Mark skills; Lvl 65 DW stigmas Hovering Motion Aion's Chosen title (5% speed, 3% atk speed, 500 hp) Fenris Title Instance pack (15 days left) Almost got Wheeler-Dealer 40 AP hp pots lvl 65 90 AP hp pots lvl 60 110x 30 mins scrolls of each kind 3.76kdmg-1% Godstone x1 370 dmg 20% Godstone x3 (one tradeable) 180 10% dmg godstone x1 Owns a Mansion on Gelkmaros Around 400m in cash and stuff for sell (Ench stones, Composites ready for the 65 a2 parts, Candies etc) Pets Red Diabol (2 scrolls, 2 foods, alert) Flame Bogel (Enemy Loot) Crewcut Fungie (Alert) Pointyhat Sprigg (1 scroll, 2 foods) Silvertail Dorion (6 slot) Jumpy Shugo (Alert) Pink Merek (Enemy Loot, Alert) Kung ** Manduri (Enemy Alert) Sawteeth Rotan Headstrong Poroco (Produce gatherables) Speckled Ailu (12 slot) Boxing King Kerub (12 slot, Alert) Purple Ribbit Mid-High equipped 65 Gladiator on Siel Asmodian
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