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    Aion Account Steam Mit MW21z1zHey wie oben stehe suche ich einen steam mit MW2 drauf screens auf anfrage via pm
    Aion Acount Psc
    Kinah Kromede Eylos
    Aion Acc 10€ Paypal ( 1 2)1z1zKeine Gametime drauf, Level 29 Elyos Ranger. Suche 10€ per Paypal, Neuen WoW Classic Key oder ne neue Botcard von Probotters (Wybot) :> Per PM oder hier im Thread melden!
    [Buying] Infinite Aion Kinah @ [Pride] Elyos1z1zBuying Kinah for Infinite Aion, on Pride Server. (Elyos) PM me for my if you're interested and we'll negotiate a price. Thank you. [=
    [EU] Pre order CE with 2 lvl30 chars1z1zHi i want to sell my aion account because i got no free time to play it. It is collectors edition and has the first {and one of the best} lot of veteran rewards.It has game time till 1 dec and both parts of the daeva armour have been bought. Preorder pack Bonus Black Cloud Hat Lodas Amulet (5) Ring of Ancient Wind CE Bonus Black Cloud Wings Black Cloud Earring Dye: Rich Purple (10) [Title Card] 'Settler of Aionâ„¢' [Emotion Card] 'Aionâ„¢ Boogie' [Emotion Card] 'Hip Hop' VET Bonus Expand Cube Ticket Pop Legend emote 4 Lodas Amulets 4 Revival Stones I havent yet used my vet rewards because i havent been on since they where issued. I have removed some items/stats from the profile pictures to make it hard to figure out who i am.All the items that are removed are crappy greens and all the stats removed are not really important. Char1 Sorc lvl31 Has over 400,000kinah and alchemy over 240,gathering over 250,aether extract over 140! Char2 SM lvl30 Has . . . .nothing! lol was first toon and i cannibalized it to make the sorc.It just has tailoring lvl200. Price is 30 euro with PayPal or if u want to haggle then do so im open to offers also. PM or post if interested or need more info.
    [Infinite Aion][Pride][WTS 100kk Kinah]
    [Sell] EU [ENG]Telemachus(Elyos) / [DEU] Lephar(Asmodian) Account
    [SOLD] 55 Gladiator +12 Bak +50E Full Set of Armor 140Million Kinah1z1zTitle says it all. Contact me for more info. Account is active. Will show armory to users with rep. This is a awesome Glad. Taking SERIOUS offfers.
    [SOLD] Cheap Kinah on Nexus (EU) Elyos side
    [SOLD] Cleric 60 Asmo Server Anuhart EU
    [SOLD] LvL 60 Asmo Sorc on Siel
    [SOLD] NA/Kahrun/Elyos/Sin
    [V] Kinah auf allen Servern
    [VK]Aion account 10€
    [WTB] -Infinite- Kinah
    [WTB] 55 Sin (Elyos) with PvP Gear on EU Server
    [WTB] 55 Sin (Elyos) with PvP Gear on EU Server1z1z
    [WTB] Aion CE EU Account1z1zWTB Aion CE EU Account with sorcerer asmo on telemachus 30+ PM for offers
    [WTB] Aiva Figur OVP1z1zAion Limited Collectors Edition weiblicher Asmodian Gladiator Promo Figur So 10 - 15€ wäre mir die Dame schon wert. Wenn jemand seine Figur günstiger abgeben möchte is natürlich noch besser.
    [WTB] Kinah - Perento (Asmodian)
    [WTB] Kleriker EU / Votan / Elyos1z1zSuche Kleriker auf Votan (Elyos!) Sollte mind. lvl 35 sein Bitte PM.
    [WTB] Level 50 Siel Elyos SM or Ranger
    [WTB] lvl 50 ranger/sin ASMO/EU good gear
    [WTB]Aion CE+PO Account1z1zHallo, ich suche nach einem Aion Pre-Order + Collectors Edition Account. Würde per PayPal bezahlen wobei mir Banküberweisung lieber wäre. Danke ^^ Edit: Chars sind relativ egal geht mir um den Account, welcher aber auch nicht unbedingt 100+€ kosten sollte.
    [WTS] 35 gladiator on Spatalos(Elyos) - AionEU
    [WTS] 36 Cleri auf Thor , Suche Aion Kinah
    [WTS] 50 sorcerer on Gorgos - AionEU CE1z1zHello. I'm posting it again, because the character has been changed a bit little. Today I'm selling 50 sorcerer on Gorgos asmodian side with 4/5 Fenris's Set. The character is really good in PvPvE, it's well equipped and has maxed Alchemy Expert(about 15m). The character has 2 advanced stigma builds - for Flame Spray and for Sleeping Storm. Here is the armory: If you are interested and you are fair buyer, not scammer, then please send me pm with your instant messenger address - we can speak about the account and price.
    [WTS] 55 SM + PvP Twinks Thor Elyos
    [WTS] Aion EU - Account - 41 Sin
    [WTS] AioN EU Account lvl7 scout :D + playtime1z1zHi. I want to sell my AioN EU Standard account with one character (lvl7 scout). The account was created on 07.11.2009 and is paid up to 07 Jan 2010. I think 15EUR is a good price. I accept paypal and bank transfer. No trades PM me
    [WTS] Aion F2P CB Key - Veteran
    [WTS] Asmo 50 sorc ( 1 2 3)1z1zHi there! I would like to sell my sorcerer mainly because I can't play more than 1-2 hours a day. The sorc is really decent, although some of you might not consider l30 set ENOUGH for a sorc. I have 7,971 HP, 1560 MB, 1200 MA[selfbuffed stats], both advanced stigma builds and every other stigmas, about 100k AP and the tome is combined with an crafted casting speed tome. You can get 20k AP guaranteed per day if you are able to make it to every dredgion and of course have a decent team. So far it has 2 Fenris parts, I'm currently working on third part, and give a try on forth part if I ever can be bothered. PS. The character is asmodian, on Telemachus - 9 months veteran, paid untill december 26. If you would like to know anything else, send me an PM. I'm giving out aswell serials and stuffs like that just in case. Ps. Excuse my paint skills. Aye, it has silence godstone on wep.
    [WTS] Assassin 40 lvl Elyos (Spatalos)1z1zAs the topic says im selling an Assassin 40 lvl in spatalos server (elyos female). Almost all the camping quests are done 1 - 43 lvl 235 - normal quests done. 1 moths veteran awards + 7 20% exp amulets for lvl 1-20 and 30 -40. Tailoring 256 lvl 700k + kihan in stash + all various crafting ingredients ~_~
    [WTS] Elyos Galdi 40 Spatalos EU1z1zHi i wanna sell my Account! It got 40 gladiator, 23 ranger, 14 sorcer. My account is collectors edition which means it got the special wings. Send me an e-mail or add me to for more info: ***************************************************** - *****************************************************
    [WTS] Geared CHANTER lvl 55 Amodian - PERENTO
    [WTS] Kinah EU-Thor-Elyos
    [WTS] Kinah on Asmo Perento ( 1 2)
    [WTS] Kinah Thor Elyos!1z1z!VERKAUFE KINAH! Hallo zusammen, hiermit habe ich mir einen banrequest verdient. mfg Kuh
    [WTS] Lv 55 Asmodian Ranger on Spatalos ( 1 2)
    [WTS] Lv.40s Siel | Cleric | Elyos | ( 1 2)1z1zFriends all quitting, so feeling like to sell my account. If you are interested please email me. ***************************************************** thanks, 5 mil Kinah Plenty of Alchemist mats in wh. 40 molder +50 LC isinignia thing. Ps. just finished xeno quest!! xeno weapon ftw!
    [WTS] lvl 41 Sorc - Nezekan1z1z(CE version ) as above ***************************************************** account still has 1month gametime left, a lvl 29 sin alt, account is also linked with Guild Wars and City of Heroes any offers are welcome : *****************************************************
    [WTS] Mage lvl 55 Full Fenris + Full 40er Elite PvP Set + 50er Ful Accs set1z1zSelling my Chars on Server: Balder Charakter 1: Mage lvl 55 ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** ***************************************************** Charackter 2 (Twink): ***************************************************** ***************************************************** Send me pm with offer
    [WTS][55 Ranger Asmodian Perento][Epic]1z1zHi I want to sell this char. Make your offer in PM pls. Only serious offer.
    [WTS][Aion 100mio Kinah][Balder][Asmodier]
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