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    Hello everyone, Lexi here.

    The brand new update of IGAU is out, namely update 3.0, and wow. Just wow.

    Two new characters have been added, along with a 4th tier of cards, the Metal Tier. Only these two new cards belong to this tier so far:

    The Batman Who laughs - The Joker Skin.
    The Merciless - Ares Skin.

    Along with a whole new semi-online battle place like the Breakthrough mode, known as the Phantom Zone.

    The new update has also brought in a new currency to the game, called the Nth Metal, and with that is vallerium alloy, both of these will be needed to max out those uber 4th tier cards above.

    As always, I'm here to cover the new update pronto, and am delighted to say that now, I'm fully covering the content of the new 3.0 update.

    The process remains the same:
    If you have an existing account that you'd like the credits and other stuff added to, we can do that.
    I'd recommend a new account in case you are not confident enough. Its as simple as making a new WBID.

    Services Available:

    1) Power Credits - Up to 100 million. Above that might flag your account for checking. We don't want that now, do we?

    2) Alliance Credits - Enough to Help you buy the Support Cards and the Killing Joke Joker !!

    3) Last Laugh tickets - 100 to 1000 of them.

    4) Augmentation cards - 250 of each Major for a total of 1500 cards. Includes XP Augments, which are free ( 500 of them )

    5) Characters - I can unlock and Elite X-60 any of them. Though some of them havent been allowed for Breakthrough, so I'll let you know which ones are safe and which arent.

    6) Legendary Gears - From unlocking to maxing at +10 evolved forms

    7) Shards - They make ur gears better. XD.

    8) Basic Metal Pack: 20000 Nth Metal tokens and 80000 valerian alloy shards. Needed to purchase the packs which have the Metal cards, and the alloy is an additional resource required to increase the specials damage bar of both Metal characters.

    9) Full Metal Pack: Includes the two Metal cards 'The Batman who Laughs' and 'The Merciless', at E1-1 or E7-50 per your choice, and will be fully augmented.

    The promotions for each level of the Metal characters require more and more copies of the character, thus making promotion to E7 need about 43 copies. 44 including the original card.


    1) Credits - 10$ for 100 million. On re-purchases, it will be 5$. Re-purchasing will also throw in Alliance Credits.

    2) Alliance Credits - Free with any purchases above 10$. ( Cause I'm a nice person )

    3) Last Laugh Tickets - 1000 tickets for 10$. Be Prudent with them and they will get all the 4 Legendary sets. IF not, then 5$ for re-purchase.

    4) Augmentation Cards - 1500 cards for 15$. 10$ for re-purchase.

    5) Characters - 7$ for an online reward card ( can explain why if you want to know). For others, 15$ for 10 cards ( must not be online characters or the new Metal Characters )

    6) Legendary Gears - Sets ( Lexcorp, FW, LOA, SS ) are $7 each. 5-star gears will be 10$ for the rest of them. ( The Ibistick, Heart of Darkness, etc. ). IIRC, the Survivor mode isnt rotating since about Jan now, causing a lot of inconvenience to many of u. I hope I can help you get the augments and gear sets.

    7) Shards - 30000 each if you buy any of the Gear packs. If you want ONLY this, then its 5$ for 50000 of each.

    8) Basic Metal Pack - Should be enough to get you till E3 in your Metal cards and help max out the specials damage bars. Available at $15.

    9) Full Metal Pack - 45$ for both characters at E7-50, max augmented. Please note that this will not include the Dark Power evolution. You can discuss that on the mail with me.

    How to pay:

    PayPal is the most friendly option. It’s extremely easy and protects us both.

    If you have a better suggestion, do let me know.

    Prices are partially negotiable. It's part of doing Business ( Or so I read somewhere ..)

    Contact me at [email protected]

    Cheers !!

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