Selling  Android  High End Semi Whale Elite Hoarder Lv 73 account with 27000 f2p maigo (includes 300 summons with tickets)

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    Account details
    Notable S ranks:
    -A5 Zero 305 Talent (Fully duped wow!)
    -A3 Dual Blade Kirito 285 Talent
    -A2 Kojyo 310 Talent
    -Kagamine Rin&Len 270 Talent
    -Ako support 260 talent
    -Yukina support 270 Talent
    -Butterfly Kuroyukihime 290 Talent

    Other S ranks:
    -Kuroneko Support
    -Kirito Main
    -Bride Kuroyukihime
    -Asuna Main
    -Kimono Shana

    -A1 Vermillion Bird

    Other details:
    -161 days remaining on daily 50 maigo (monthly subscription)
    -Guys theres literally 27k maigo on this acc thats already $500+ value
    -52 Normal gacha tickets, 75 Limited Gacha tickets
    -(Incase you don't know the math, that's around 300 summons with the free maigo combined)
    -5355 Exchange tokens (Enough to pick any 5 star!)
    -484 Universal Talent stones (Use this to upgrade talents for any Limited character!)
    -Feel free to send me offers, open to negotiations!
    -$1000 spent on this acc
    -Funds were saved for Eugeo but I give up the dream is dead
    -Genshin Impact has consumed me

    You may contact me on my discord: Blue#2667 for further details. My response time should be quick.
    (Please contact me before purchasing as I don't really check playerup that often)

    If you don't want to use playerup middleman services I accept Paypal f&f at $10 off original price, however buyer must go first. I have sold 3 different game accounts in the past (check my postings history) but no one bothers to thumbs me up xd
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