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    it is a Family account the main one is muted if you need reason also just pm but it has so many god things but the best is i think is my second account it not muted here list

    Main account-char lvl 101 all of mailistarie set but the head because i gotten better one and one very good wands other 2 for looks and one best lvl 100 dagger and same for ring alpha and omega and lots of pets fire and many others and for mount perm solar sabercat and other 2 mount is 1 day and good states
    61 balance got some good stuff

    lvl 50 storm got basic lvl 50 but some good pets from main

    life lvl 36 basic stuff

    lvl 8 death

    second account - main char 105 storm way better states than fire main and and full mailistarie set and the head dagger best for lvl 100 ring alpha and omega ring and mount perm tiger and dark redwing and terror dog and have midnight owl 7 days not use yet and or wand Very beast wand with i cool tranmog and 3 pets in backpack and in the bank 6 pages of pets lots kinda the same as other main account fire one and 2 more pages of mounts and sharded bank 2 pages pets more and 5 more mount and one is perm which the mount name is life ghuture and other stuff same for main account on main fire
    other char lvl 10 fire

    IN total this account was spent so much lots money on it grinds and lots overtime and it had membership few days left but it gone now and so
    price is 140 but since one is muted and both has no longer membership since it end few days ago it 100$ or give me a price nothing under 55$ since even if one muted it prob one of the best

    Skype: addison439

    or mm2

    So if you are trusted member I will go first but if you not trusted membership or you have more than few likes than me than i shall go first other than that you be going first unless like i said trusted+ or more likes than me and and for proof if your trusted or have more likes than say something on this post with your skype and msg you going send me.
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