Sold Selling WTS [MY/SG] Garena LoL lvl 30 account (price negotiable)

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  1. Venator135

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    Account Name : Venator
    ELO : Silver 1 Highest for season 7 , Currently in Silver 4
    Own 103 champions (will post pictures on a later date)

    Own 29 skins :
    Dragon Fist Lee Sin
    High Noon Jhin
    Project : Ekko
    Project : Yasuo
    Project : Lucian
    Project : Zed
    Soulstealer Vladimir
    Spirit Fire Brand
    Archlight Vayne
    SKT T1 Vayne
    Bloood Moon Yasuo
    Blood Moon Zilean
    Full Metal Jayce
    Headhunter Caitlyn
    Justicar Aatrox
    Vandal Vladimir
    Chosen Master Yi
    Enchanted Galio
    Traditional Lee Sin
    Vindicator Vayne
    Vizier Malzahar
    Yellow Jacket Shen
    Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
    Omega Squad Teemo
    Pool Party Ziggs
    Riot Kayle
    Statue of Karthus
    Re-Gifted Amumu
    Headless Hecarim

    Rune Pages are well equipped for adc , mage and fighter playstyles.

    Don't feel like playing LoL anymore , so selling account. Preferable payment is in steam wallet codes but direct transfer to bank account is alrite.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.