Sold [Selling] WTS Gladiator&Arenamaster 2.7+ Monk/Druid WoW | OW S1 Level 659 silver border

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    After a few years of not playing I decided to offer my old WoW (Legion) incl. my old Overwatch Account.

    I am the original owner and it comes with my E-Mail Account for maximum safety.

    Free Account Name Change available!

    Screenshots at: Gladiator+Arenamaster Druid/Monk WoW Acc /+OW s1 lvl659 origin /+HS s1/+D3 sEdition - Album on Imgur

    150 EUR!- pref. Payment via Paypal Business (got playerup&playerup verified Account too = Middleman)
    I got all Arena AV's including Arenamaster + WoD S1 Gladiator and 2.7k 3v3 AV,
    - most RBG AV's (no Hero title, since I didnt played alot of rbgs)
    *170+ Mounts rares like Gladiator Mount, alot of Raid Mounts, Invincible, Ashes of Al'ar, Fiery Warhorse, Phoenix, alot RBG Mounts, Crimson Deathcharger, Amani Battle Bear, Swift Zulian Panther etc.
    *130+ Pets rares like Winston Collectors Edition (collector rewards) Moonkin Hatchling, Lil' Ragnaros, Mischief, Molten Corgi etc.
    *16k+ AV Points/80+ Feats of Strength never did alot farm-/grinding* WoW’s Anniversary 5-12.
    Account is over 10 years old and has alot of rare items:
    Tabard of the Lightbringer, rare Toys, Elite PvP Gear; Tabards and Enchants, a ton of Transmog stuff and Cosmetics from older Raids
    alot Legendarys like Shadowmourne (incl. Questline Items), Dragonwrath, Fangs of the Father, Val'anyr, Thunderfury etc.
    Titles like 'of the black harvest' (green fire quest), Gladiator, Guardian, Arenamaster, Herald of the Titans, Lord of War etc.
    I got a Main Druid for PvE and Monks for PvP, also all other classes but not on the same level.
    *****4x Level 110 Characters (Druid Main, Monk Main, DH)
    *****6x Level 100 Characters (Monk, Pala, Warrior, Mage)
    *****8x Level 70-99 Alts (like lvl 70 BiS TBC geared Hunter with Thori'dal and a Warrior with both Warglaives, also other characters with gimmicks | Priest, Hunter, 85 Cata Dk, Rog, WL, Shaman)
    Level 659 with 127 legendary Skins
    Played OW since Season 1 + Origins Edition
    2300+ Skins overall
    2018 Pacific All-Stars Genji Skin
    2 OWL Skins (Genji/Rein)
    Comp now at Plat / 2.6k sr (s15)
    over 90% (600hrs) of the time/games in QP only (I got other Accounts for comp+)
    - Hearthstone Season 1 Account with old legendarys.
    - DiabloIII Digital Deluxe Edition & Battle Chest.

    Just write me if you have any questions! (Discord: Rulez#4046)
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