Selling/Trading Anarchy Online 198 Martial Artist

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    I am selling a anarchy online account with the following characters on RK1. I will also trade this account for another account in another game, just email me at [email protected], or contact me via aim insanegamer214, [email protected], or insanegamer01, I will consider all offers. I am the original owner, all characters have good names and are well respected throughout the community. Account is paid up until 2006-09-15 16:55:24. Level 198 Martial Artist Breed: Atrox Cyborg Token Board Full Second Tier Full Set of Symbiants Two sets of arul saba bracers (chem and fire) 4 Ql 200 ncus and 2 Alien Ncus. Advanced Blue Organic Combat Suit Advanced Black Organic Combat Suit Virral Triumvirate Eggx2 Conscientious Knight's Helmet Mystical Force Tight Boots Spirit Focusx2 Collar Casero de la Cripta Endorphin Factory Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer 8% Small Ebony Figurine Melee Fighter's Focus Manualx2 Belt Component Platform 6K-X Garden keys are Aban, Enel - Enel Sanct, Scheol, Githar, and Pen key. 66,000,000 Credits Up to date Nanos Level 131 Soldier Breed: Atrox 2 % Crit Scope Biomaterial Defensive Shield 32 - 63 NCU Memory x5 ql 114-117 Viral Memory Storage Unit Ql 143 Endorphin Factory Full Set of First Tier Ancient Container CAS Symbiotic Armor Helmet Ql 151 Ql 125-200 Implants 493,000 Credits Key to the garden of aban. Level 112 Enforcer Breed: Atrox Pained Panther Ancient Container First Tier Enforcer Breastplate (Full Set) Collar Casero de la Cripta Withered Flesh Ql 100-190ish implants. Ql 99-160ish NCU (x6) 1.7million credits Key to the garden of Aban Level 92 Doctor Breed: Solitus There is no reason to mintion the items that this doctor has because its only purpose was to trade skill, it can make ql 160ish implants, any quality blood plasma, and first tier armor. It can also cast SFA and IC. Level 60 Fixer Breed: Opifex Armor: Grid Armor II Perennium Beamer Ql 127 NCU Hacker Interface Ql 125ish Implants Also I would like to include a picture of the bank.
Thread Status:
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