Selling Top Geared/AA'd Ranger (US) Guaranteed

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    You may have seen people claiming to be selling rangers with "full t3/full khitai". Well let me break it to you, that is only 1 set of gear. Purchase this account, and you will have all of the following + more! (NOTE: Service will be used for transaction) You will not be able to buy a more geared ranger in all of North America, Guaranteed. Level 80 Ranger - PVP 10 *32 maxed AA's. That's right, 32, you will not find a ranger with more. Several other AAs are close to max, and the number will increase as time continues.* GEAR (all Epic) The following gear can be mixed and matched for the best PVP results, PVE pure dps results, PVE health suit (T4/failed raids), and PVE protection suit (surviving multiple hits from Hathor-ka or Po-Sha guards as an example). Tier 3 PVP: Helmet, Chest, L, Shoulders, Belt, Feet, Necklace, Ring, Cloak, Shield, Arrows. Tier 3 PVE: Bow, Shield, Sword, Dagger, Shoulders, Belt, Wrist, Feet, Cloak, Necklace (2x), Rings (2x). Khitai - Tamarian Tigers: Helmet, Chest, L, Wrist, Shoulders, Feet, Gloves, Sword, Mount*. Khitai - Hyrkanians: Helmet, Chest, L, Gloves, Mount*. Khitai - Children of Yag-Kosha: Helmet, Chest, L, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt. Khitai - Scarlet Circle: Arrows. Khitai - Last Legion: Cloak. Khitai - Brittle Blade: Ring. Khitai - Yellow Priests of Yun: Ring. Miscellanious: 72 Slot Epic Bag, Secret Necklace, Several Social Pets, Relics/Tokens/Badges etc, White Tiger for all current/future characters, multiple other packs such as Tortage weapons, Xp pots, Pets/Mounts. Account also has a couple other lvl 80s not worth mentioning but will detail per request. One of them has several AAs/T3/Khitai accessories. As said previously, this ranger is loaded, and will not be selling cheaply because it is the best on the market. Will be taking offers via reply or PM.
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