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    • Due to family issues. I have to sell MY PERSONAL BNS account with 1 main Warlock and 3 other characters (BM / Sin / KFM) with all are high lvl in server group 3 ( now is jinsoyun server I believe)

    • This account had maxed premiums lvl already with 4k hmcoin for the new owner to change char name as whatever they want or buying stuff on hm store (F10)

    • Most of characters have unlocked all hm skills so you can enjoy fully in 1v1 or 3v3 arena

    • Account have about 4.6k gold for uses ( WL: 2.9k gold / BM: 1.7k gold)

    • There are many store outfits / event outfits in all characters ( mainly in WL) ( include the boss mode outfit as well )

    • All characters have a separate gem set so you dont have to send gem over like most people do. And all of them have a lvl 4 crafting guilds for the most essential materials for character gearing up ( Soulshield primer / transformation stones / spirits charms etc )

    • WL have all the badge / mystic badge for proper ice and shadow build / play

    • Apart from the main, 3 other characters have equipped with awaken pet stage 5 or higher ( even legendary pet itself )

    Contact me through skype or line or here for details & offers if you are interested . Price can be negotiated. Paypal preferance

    -Skype: cid-(-8152456152233805641)
    -Line: 7kdiamondp

    Setup Price: 1800EU
    Current offer :
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.