Selling   [^-^][Selling TemTem Pansuns at a low price!!!]

Discussion in 'Temtem Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by HeyAsesino, 2/13/20.

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    Hello,I will provide a large stock of Pansun (Gold) and much more.

    Price: $ 0.35:1000

    Add me on discord for more details : HeyAsesino#2477
    Paypal preferred

    Info: We have many players collecting pansuns for us,so we have massive amount of it. The pansuns will keep coming caz our players are playing the game almost all day long!!!

    Moreover, our price may be not the lowest,but i can guarantee is the safest!!!!. No any illegal sofwares!!!!!! I promise that our pansuns only come from our players' hard working!!!

    Before the purchase,we will show you why is safe,if you agree with that,Let us do it!!!

    For our pansuns are collected by our players' hard working,so sometime it will be out of stock.That will take a while(But not for long!!) to collect,but is safe and worth!!!!