Selling Spiritmaster (35) and Cleric (32) Triniel Server, Asmodian.

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    Faction: Asmodian Server: Triniel Time left: Approximately 20 days Spiritmaster:
    • Character is male
    • has all available summoning books for his level
    • Will provide Aion link for confirmation of character if interested.
    • Comes with 3,381,100 Kinah
    • Comes with all blue gear
    • Character is male
    • Character is in decent green gear
    • Will provide AionOnline link if interested.
    • Both characters are on the same account, on the same server.
    I had a blast with Aion, but it really didn't end up being my cup of tea. If you're interested please PM me or email me. My AIM isn't always on, but I will try to leave it on as much as possible. On a side note I will leave the armory links in my away message on AIM. I am the original owner of both accounts. I still have both collector's edition boxes that I will gladly ship to you if you'd like so you can have possession of the cdkeys. Just let me know and I'll take care of any cost involved. Thank you and have a good one! Edit: I have another account with a level 29 Asmodian Templar. Great gear, no money left on account. Here is his link... ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=6 Feel free to post what you'd like for either of the accounts, please specify which account... or PM, email, or IM me. As long as you're verified with trustwho and paypal I'll do this ASAP and do whatever I can to accommodate you. That being said I'm not looking to gouge anyone for money for this account, I'm just looking to make a little to fill my pockets for christmas. So thanks again!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.