Sold Selling showdown 2017 animated ar account. Willing to negotiate on price

Discussion in 'H1Z1 Skins - Buy Sell Trade' started by goodnight1h, 9/9/17.

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  1. goodnight1h

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    Account includes various H1Z1 skins along with the rare Animated Showdown 2017 AR given to players who competed in the 2017 Showdown event. Steam level 21. Good +rep as well. NO BANS ON ACCOUNT.

    The steam id for the account is:

    However, please contact me on my new account at this steam id:

    Please leave a comment with a reason for adding. AKA "Animated AR ACC".

    If you contact me on steam the trade will not take 24 hours. Likely soon after you contact me. I am always online.
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