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    BoostRoom is one of the best game boosting companies in the world.
    We have been offering services since 2013 with more than 75000 orders completed.
    Our top priority is to provide and maintain top-quality boosting service.

    What you can expect from us?

    Professionalism and a serious approach to every boosting request for a fair price.
    Discounts for new and loyal buyers with fast delivery.
    Friendly and effective, 24/7 customer support.
    Every order is done by a verified / legit player and the whole process is completely handmade.
    While your order is in progress you will be updated regularly about the current state of your order.


    We are offering a 5% # on all services for playerup users.
    Please apply coupon code: OWNED5 on BoostRoom website.


    Onyx Archeum Essence
    Superior Glow Lunarite
    Apex Squall Design
    Starlight Archeum Crystal
    Sturdy Stone
    Iron Ingot
    Anya Ingot
    Blazing Cloudspun Fabric
    Starshard Ingot

    In case you can't find what are you looking for, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a custom deal.


    Excellent, we are looking for GAME NAME suppliers.
    We are safe and reliable with many orders, please contact us for more details.


    If you have any questions or want to buy a boost, please contact us using any contact information listed below.
    Customer support is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

    BoostRoom#0001 - Discord for the buyers.
    ID: 239152902554386434

    BoostRoom#0002 - Discord for gold suppliers.
    ID: 622135793846190092


    [email protected]

    WhatsApp / Viber

    @ boostroom




    Important Note
    Always double-check if you have added the right contact profile to avoid getting scammed. Copy-paste the contact information.
    We recommend to send us a private message on playerup before making a payment to ensure you aren't dealing with a scammer.
    The safest option is to contact us on our website.
    If you encounter someone trying to sell you a service and you suspect that he is trying to scam, please inform us and report that account.


    We offer many payment methods to ensure smooth paying process:
    - Visa Card, MasterCard, Amex, American Express
    - Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Doge etc.)
    - Bank Transfer
    - Giropay
    - Klarna
    - Ideal
    - Bancontact
    - EPS
    - Trustly
    - Payconiq and many others.


    Here is more information about our services, hows delivery works, and other related things.

    Delivery Process
    Every order is done by a verified / legit player and the whole process is completely handmade.
    For Self-play made orders, you will be invited at the agreed time and play together with our team until the order is completed (one or more sessions depending on order).
    In the case of Piloted order, our booster will log inside your account (on your request, the booster will use VPN to match your country location).
    While your order is in progress you will be updated regularly about the current state of your order.

    BoostRoom will refund money in case we arent able to complete the order due to unexpected circumstances.
    The buyer has the right to cancel his order and ask BoostRoom for a full refund any time before the start of the service.
    The buyer might request cancel in the middle of the process (the percentage of completed order will be calculated, and a refund will be sent for the unfinished % of the order).
    In case of a ban, we will always work it out to find the best solution for the buyer (for example, make compensation if rewards are removed after the ban expires).

    Originally Posted by cinibuns
    First time getting boosted. Impressive service. 10/10 would recommend.
    Originally Posted by Squigglesx
    Got my boost tonight everything went smoothly and They are 100% safe and friendly :)
    Originally Posted by Xieje
    Nice support and friendly people. Great service, thanks alot! Highly recommended them. Going to buy more of them. :)
    Originally Posted by iirokezl
    nice guys amazing skill fast runs without wipe funny and friendly ppl Ty for help guys GL ^^
    Originally Posted by Clatchy
    The boosting was great, having a laugh in skype while doing this was the best ever, highly recommended, they know what they do. ~~ Clatchy ~~
    Originally Posted by jarinha
    Amazing service 100% recommend!!!
    Originally Posted by Camron47
    Heard about this run from a friend. The run was fast and easy. Amazing job guys, keep up the good work. Thanks for carrying my love you dps :)
    Originally Posted by Electrician
    Yesterday went with these amazing people clean and nice run. Definitely a
    Originally Posted by notafag
    Bought a powerlevel from 101-110, very nice service and met my specific demands without a problem, 10/10 recommend
    Originally Posted by Zironako
    Was a bit scared at the idea of sharing my account info, but very glad i trusted them. They did it quick, had great communication and overall great service! Recommend this to all!
    Originally Posted by Imotepster
    Needed to complete 5 dungeons and they helped me in under 2 hours great service highly recommend!
    Originally Posted by daniloffz
    Got boosted..rlly nice peeps..;) and cheap :) And they do what they promis ..gogo
    Originally Posted by laylacz
    Great service, cheap and legit! Thanks guys. :)
    Originally Posted by Shostak
    Ordered a +10 Mythic for completion. Group completed it on time! Thank you!
    Originally Posted by Oceanlab1
    Recently purchased a gladiator title + mount boost, i was informed about how it works, and afterwards the pilot started playing. Today i was informed the pilot was done playing and i could happily log back in to my great new Gladiator Proto-Drake. :D These guys use VPN, and the customer service are very nice. These guys are definitely the nicest, most effective people around - and i can definitely recommend them. I know for sure that i am coming back in the future for more!
    Originally Posted by Outofcontrol
    Fast and smooth run with great communication. Keep it going guys;)
    Originally Posted by fedefin
    Bought 4 dungeons, My most beloved boosters diden even get angry even tho i caused several whipes :p Fav boosters :)
    Originally Posted by Hiahexan
    Best service ive ever had! totally reccomend these guys! fast, effective, nice and professional! 10/10!
    Originally Posted by Hardur
    Bought the last runs I needed, was as smooth as the first ones. Will use these guys again for other alts, very helpful and friendly! - Hardur
    Originally Posted by Winduri
    Yeah so, I bought 7 instances for my warlock. These guys surely know their job and runs through instances really fast. 5/5. Not a single wipe was taken that day!
    Originally Posted by Froggy21
    Purchased a boost from them. Went fast and got my golds!!
    Originally Posted by Shostak
    Ordered 2 boosts from him. Piloted +10 Mythic Dungeon and Self-play. Both prices were excellent, service started within an hour and boosts were completed very quickly.
    Originally Posted by UDFrostMage
    Wow, such an amazing and professional service!
    Originally Posted by Noogood
    Really excellent service, the guys are very professional and they do know what they are doing, the thing I really like about this service is nooo shouting at you when you die or do a small mistake.
    Originally Posted by sydbarret
    epic group boost ...just epic...quickly clearly cheapy
    Originally Posted by Viiene
    Hello, first boost i ever had. All clean, fast and smooth. Had no problem at all. Thank you for quality service!
    Originally Posted by pime
    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Fast, cheap and fun.
    Originally Posted by Sathion
    Awesome and funny runs. The guys were friendly and very good at what they do.
    Originally Posted by AnoADEU
    They just boosted my mage through all 9 challenge mode dungeons, they were really professional, explained their plans crystal clearly, and i had a great time.
    Originally Posted by Stealth05rogue
    Reliable boost, quick and effective, saved me a lot of time looking for groups to complete the gold achievement, definitely worth it! :)
    Originally Posted by Wohlfart
    Fast and easy, got gear, mount and title in just a few hours. Highly recommend this, since not only did I get what I payed for (cheap!), I also had a great time since these guys were both friendly and funny!
    Originally Posted by guy91
    Great service, 100% legit and very quick, done in a matter of hours. Would highly recommend these guys and already planned my 2nd boost!
    Originally Posted by Xieje
    Nice support and friendly people. Great service, thanks alot! Highly recommended them. Going to buy more of them. :)
    Originally Posted by Doomshammer
    These guys are very professional, fast and know what they are doing. Thx for the Awesome gear and mount guys
    Originally Posted by Uckytrike
    Great boosting service, 100% legit 8) Going to come back to get another char pimped out as well:p
    Originally Posted by Elvis123x
    Awesome boost. Recommended for anyone who wants a boost, cheap and good!
    Originally Posted by Blaeggie
    I love these Guys :) Looking forward to choose them again.
    Originally Posted by lalapuh
    I really really want to thank this awesome guys. Definitely will book their service again!
    Originally Posted by Dom1
    VERY cheap prices and I even got a # because I had purchased other services in the past.
    Originally Posted by Dunderdoris
    11/10 Best ever. !!!
    Originally Posted by venoxus1
    I purchased gold and it was really cheap and fast delivery awesome guys I highly recommend them.
    Originally Posted by CakeCookies
    Just bought 40k gold on Sylvanas, took around 20 minutes to get everything and no problems, very nice and serious guys and will recomend it to my friends, 10/10. Thank you
    Originally Posted by rabitosk8
    It's was awesome. Fast cheap, everything went smoothly. Even got 2 realm best times :D Recomend to everyone :)
    Originally Posted by stenmannen
    Awesome support and help and quick deliver, 100% satisfaction guaranteed from these fellas! Keep it up!!
    Originally Posted by hppa
    Very professional yet personal approach. Service delivered within 10 minutes of my request. Absolutely recommended!
    Originally Posted by Restomann
    Great team. i really got a super good service here, i think its the best i tryed ever. Thanks alot for the help BR.
    Originally Posted by Ehnoah
    Perfect and Nice Service :)
    Originally Posted by Xirurgz
    I have ordered a 2k rating boost in 3v3, these awesome guys not only completed it in 2 days, but also allowed me a nice # due to my circumstances. Can't recomend them enough!
    Originally Posted by Cenimap
    Bought 20k gold. Got it under 15mins and trade was smooth. Thanks!!
    Originally Posted by jamjar91
    Just received a legit, professional, quick boost from these awesome guys, can't recommend them enough. :)
    Originally Posted by Neilio11
    Great People to work with, very relaxed, very knowledgeable and they dont mind taking a bio break lol. 10/10 knowledge, 10/10 customer service... overall the boost was 10/10. thanks again guys and gals!
    Originally Posted by grimballoon
    Ordered a 2k 3v3 rating in season 5, they were even able to find me someone that could use a VPN to match my obscure country, which was great, the order was completed in a few days and everything went well. I've used these guys a couple of times in the past, and they are hands down the best in the business.
    Originally Posted by shaggydoo
    Really friendly people that really went an extra length to complete everything despite some issues, i can really recommend theese guys. Amazing service.
    Originally Posted by nnikho
    Purchased a boost, fast and reliable service!
    Originally Posted by KaptainKrunk
    Just purchased a Mage Tower boost from BoostRoom. Was nervous since this was my first boost purchase, however my fear was subsided quickly. Very professional, and great price. Friendly service from Zippo, who even streamed my entire challenge for me to keep progress. Would absolutely recommend and use again.
    Originally Posted by PenguinMeat
    I have run multiple carries through this service so far and have not been disappointed. Look forward to more runs.
    Originally Posted by rml121
    Bought a 2k rating boost in 3v3 and was done in 1 days time, despite the low ilvl of the character! Very fast and friendly communication. 10/10 can only recommend!
    Originally Posted by PatyYe
    I purchased 2 boost from these guys. Very good guys and got some extra's with the boosts. Would recommend!
    Originally Posted by Snowdog
    Bought a couple M+ key boosts. It was a great transaction and exceeded my expectations.
    Originally Posted by MarcusITA
    Got a +15 Timed with SelfPlay, everything worked perfectly! Great service! Would recommend!
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