Selling Selling Selling Ps2 account! (300 spent looking to sell for 100$) price can be argued

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    It's an pretty old account not to much played. Buy this account to level up the diffrent clans with some dope *** **** on them!

    contact me on skype: gustavlarson29 (I'll screenshare to make thing more simple)

    I take swish and paypal.

    some account info
    Composite armor and helmets. Plus diffrent cammos for weapons characters and vehicles

    2 characters on cobalt and 1 on connery

    I've got, ns-7 PDW, NS-44G gold, N0S-15M1 and many more weapons.

    the account is 4-5 years old now, so it might include some rare items bought

    It's 2 Eu avatars and one us avatar all br20 isch

    and ofcourse a lot of mounts on most of the weapons
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