Selling Selling Selling Magic Rush Account (Merger 507 / VIP 12 / LVL 93)Middleman Seller Guide

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  1. loockle

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    I am selling my Account on merger 507, VIP 12, almost 13 (28310/40000)

    Arena Power: 290-300K depending on mega mines and Alliance War Tech Boosts

    so lets start with Hero's and Awakenings:

    All heros will be listed in descending power
    Orange +5: Gearz 65.1k, Malachi 59.3k, Mira55.2k
    Orange +4: Lorya 62.4k, Jacob 58.2k, Russel 57.6k, Thanos 53.5k, Murphy 53.1k, Pearl 49.4K, Alma 47,4 k, Ruby 50.3 k, Muse 44 k
    Orange +3: Gerber 52.9k, Uhter 52.3k, Grunk 51k, Medea 48.9k, Jolie 49k, Auri 48.2k, Merlynn 47.8k, Pandarus 48.6k, Lee 44.9k, Robin 41K
    Orange +2: Diaochan 48.6k, Kong Ming 38.6k, Zoe 38.5k
    Orange +1: Lufia 45.5k, Russel 43k, Gearz 41k, Emily 40.5k
    Orange: Gridlock 34.4k, Karna 37.1k

    Jacob, Russel, Thanos, Murphy, Uhter, Grunk, Medea, Merlynn, Muse, Aurai , Alma , Karas

    Gold Star Heros:
    Lorya, Jacop, Mira, Gerber, Uhter, Medea, Jolie, Merlynn, Salman, Pandarus, Blaine, Gridlock, Seeley, Lufia, Watson, Bedivere, Little Red, Gorgana

    Silver Star:
    Gearz, Grunk, Pearl, Diachan, Alma, Ruby, Yuan

    5 Star:
    Malachi, Thanos, Murphy, Karas, Lee, Muse, Karna, Sebastian, Spar, Kong Ming, Baggins, Coco, Pulan, Crabbie, West, Luke, Emily

    Kingdom Level: 87
    Altar: Iron 85, Crystal 86, Silver 84, Medicine 86
    Low Tech: HP 87, AD 87, AR 87, AP 87, MR 87
    Mid Tech: HP 81, AD 81, AR 84, AP 81, MR 82
    High Tech: HP 29, AD 31, AR 32, AP 31, MR 32

    Dragon Prayer:
    3 Dot: Gearz, Lorya, Russel
    2.5 Dot: Malachi
    2 Dot: (Almost)


    Crystal Dungeon: 138 Cleared (almost 139-140)



    I am the Original Owner of Account
    Please Message if Interested in Purchasing Account, Real offers Please, Will not comply with anything that seems Shady.

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