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    Currently i'm top 10 EU in duos as well as top 10 for wins so far this season.
    Me and my duo usually get around 4-5 wins in a session

    Now due to real life reasons, i can't afford to enjoy H1 anymore for free and my friend told me about people that pay for getting boosted to royalty in any of the game modes.


    As for pricing, i can only go off what i've seen so;

    New steam & daybreak account with Royalty - 5-6 days (depends on availability of my duo); £120 as well as you gifting the new steam the actual game.

    if the order isn't met by the 6th day you don't pay anything and i'll refund the amount spent to gift the game

    Fresh accounts - payments will be expected after the order is complete

    For existing accounts,
    you choose what we get;

    1-5k - £4 - per win
    6-11k - £6 - per win
    12-16k - £9 - per win
    17-19k - £12 - per win
    20k+ - £15 - per win

    If choosing wins for an existing account, you're expected to move all items of value onto another account.

    If you chose a win and we didn't meet it you don't pay extra;
    for example; you chose 17-19k but we got 22k you would still pay £12
    OR you chose 20k+ and we only get 19k, you pay nothing.

    Existing accounts - payments will be expected after each win

    I'm new here and just signed up today so i'm determined to make a name for myself as somebody trustworthy so in the future i can take payments in advance and just get the job done - i love playing H1 but would love it more for money.

    Contact me on discord - Nerdy#9630

    no cheats, hacks or exploits will be used
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