Sold [Selling] Selling Blizzcon 2017 Virtual tickets | Get your unique Diablo 3 pet!

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  1. Somnians

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    "Hi there!" (c)

    As title says, selling Blizzcon 2018 Virtual tickets for in-game goodies.

    This includes:

    StarCraft: Remastered
    : 2018 SCR Console Skin

    StarCraft II
    : "Classic" Worker skins from the original StarCraft and a portrait that fuses all three races into one "hellish, grotesque, and majestic" creature

    Attachment 66145

    World of Warcraft:
    War Mantle of the Alliance and War Mantle of the Horde cloaks, Stormwind Champion's War Banner and Orgrimmar Hero's War Banner

    Attachment 66146

    Diablo III: Mini-Azmodan in-game pet

    Attachment 66148

    Hearthstone: BlizzCon Card Back, 10x card packs which is 2x from each expansion released since Journey to Un'Goro including 2x from Classic

    Attachment 66147

    Heroes of the Storm:
    Nexus Razorgrin mount with themed spray, banner, and portrait

    Attachment 66150

    Demon Hunter Sombra Legendary skin

    Attachment 66149

    Price - 180 USD.


    Feel free to add me in
    Skype (kirishetto) or Discord (Skjall#8804) for any questions

    Regards, Somnians.
Thread Status:
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