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    Selling My Age Of Conan Account Because i have another main account and dont use this one anymore

    My Price Is 80 Euro

    Account has all the expansions And DLC Packs

    Toons On Account Most Have low Tier Gear However they have lots of nice vanity and account has some really nice claims aswell some very rare ones too and lots of toon slots read below

    all are on Crom Server

    1 lvl 80 Assassin

    2 lvl 80 Assassin Full Tier 3 Gear

    3 lvl 80 Barbarian

    4 lvl 80 guardian

    5 lvl 80 demo

    6 lvl 70 tempest of set

    7 lvl 68 ranger

    8 lvl 65 conqueror

    9 lvl 40 Conqueror

    Account Has 30 Veteran Tokens Per Toon

    Account has premium membership and it wont expire until 2018-09-21

    also account has alot of character slots even when premium expires as long as account is premium it will have 26 character slots and when it expires it will have 19

    Account has all the loyalty rewards released until now latest one was in september/october most of those rewards can be claimed on every single toon

    account has the following claims that can be claimed on every single toon

    The Ring Of Acheron

    The Drinking Cape This Is The Collectors Edition Exclusive That Gives Free Drink in All The Big Taverns In Hyboria

    The Strategist Steed This Is A Very Hard To Get Epic Mount Only Available For Conan Boardgame Kickstarter Backers

    Terrifing Bone Golem Pet Another rare Kickstarter Backer Exclusive

    Account Also Have The Coonan Exiles Barbarin Edition Dlc For Age OF Conan

    Exile Title

    Savage Rhino Mount

    Survivalist Tools

    Major Rune Stone Of The Exile

    The Killer Rhino Mount

    Bag Of The Rhino Rider

    Bag Of The Mammoth Rider

    Bag Of Holding

    Blue Snow Mammoth Mount

    Ice Bear Mount

    Slave masters Scmitar

    Slave Masters Dagger

    Slave Masters Club

    Slave Masters Axe

    Slave Masters Staff

    Slave Masters Bow

    Coloring The Sky Social Item

    Primatic Starfall Social Item

    The Enruned Kosalan Ring

    Totem Of Origins

    Pet Tamed Puma

    Account Has 269 UnSpent Funcom Item Store Points

    If Interrested Reply Here

    Or discord Gravtrold#1854

    And Happy Holidays To You All
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