Sold [Selling] Selling 3K Wiz + Necro Seasonal Acc (Non Season 3.6k)

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  1. TurboPotato

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    3K Para + EUROPE
    Very good Necro (Lon Rathma + BK)
    Very good Wiz (Vyr and SP) Solo 130+
    Account since Season 6 with many Season Rewards, Potraits, Chest´s etc
    Many Caldesans 110+ if u want to start a new build ;)
    All Pets etc

    Im the FIRST and ONLY owner of this Account
    *Account name
    *Account password
    *Secret password
    *First and second name of the owner
    +++ Overwatch for free ;)

    Price 250€ (280$)
    Discord: Kartoffelbenutzer123#2679
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Thread Status:
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