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 Sold [Selling] Scrab LORD, Atiesh, 30k AP top1 vanity account!

Discussion in 'WoW - EU Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by helpwower, 7/15/19.

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  1. helpwower

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    Welcome guys here is TOP Account in the world.
    Don't be talk to much u can see all in armory by yourself.
    Just view things there:

    Black Qiraji Battle Tank - Main owner.
    Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian - In bag.

    Realm First! Grand Crusader
    Realm First! Fall of the Lich King
    Realm First! Legion Keystone Master
    Realm First! Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master

    Rare mounts :
    Amani War Bear
    Swift Zulian Tiger
    Fiery Warhorse's Reins
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Merciless Nether Drake (s2 tbc gladiator)
    The Horseman's Reins
    Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (s5 wtlk gladiator)
    Invincible's Reins
    And I'll Form the Head!
    Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (s6 wtlk gladiator)
    Brutal Nether Drake (s4 tbc gladiator)
    Vengeful Nether Drake (s3 tbc gladiator)
    Swift Razzashi Raptor
    Reins of the Raven Lord
    Ashes of Al'ar

    Price 9000 euro.
    Discord- Helpwowme#3852
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.