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    S>Lvl 4 with 99Woodcutting, 93Thieving And other good skills.Selling my lvl 4 skiller on runescape with 99 theving, 93 theving, 75 agility, and 60 farming. I will sell him for either Rsgp or Tf2 items so leave offers below.[RSGP] Buying 1 Def Pure- Trusted/Donators only[RSGP]Hey guys, I am looking to buy a 1 defence pure, only from those who are trusted and/or donator status. I am tired of all the countless scams that go on in the community and am looking for a legit sale. Thank you and post accounts here and I will get back to you Looking to spend 1-90M.selling level 94 wc mage pure (paypal)i know i just bumped it, but this account is not for sale any more10hp 0 80 magic! - 41 combat skiller!Selling this account for RSGP or Paypal! Either you will go first or we use a middle man, i will go first only if i deem you trusted! No matter what if paying Via Paypal we will use a middle man! Post or pm me with offers!Lvl 58, 60 att pure ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)This is my level 58 pure Has MM done and Lost city so is able to use all dragon weapons. No recoveries or email registration! Summoning is 1 btw! LOOKING FOR PAYPAL OR RSGP NO SPAWPS :///showthread.php?t=1236302 My vouchesRanged Pure (54 Ranged, 37 Combat) 500k!Hi. First actual thread on this forum, yay! Well i'm going to sell some accounts, get some much needed gp in RS. It's got 54 ranged, 37 combat. Also has 500k in wealth, but in P2P items, so this means nothing to me, but it might to you! It has an email and recoveries set, but these will be transferred to you instantly. Stats: [email protected] Add me, we shall talk!Buying Pures (WILL USE OMM)Title , im intrested in pures with 50 attack and 94 magic low combat , with DT complete THANKS![RSGP]Level 3 Skiller [99Cook][Trusted-Only]Selling my 99 Skiller to trusted only, if you want you pay of OMM Recovs will be changed to yours. Wanting to sell today Current Bid:5m A/W: ?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.