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    [$100 DONOR][30+vouches]Selling PERFECT 92 cb Zerker[PAYPAL]Hello. I'm selling an RP, Originally mine. Only post if you are interested. It has void/bgloves/fire cape as shown in the video below. All turmoil quests + hand cannon quests + spirit shield quests are done and it can use the new prayers and stay the same defense level (45) All information will be provided. I will not go first. You can use an OMM at your expense. You must claim and cancel the payment. Post here before adding me. I'm currently removing the Email / Recoveries. There is no A/W, the highest bid gets it. Bidding starts at $130. Stats: View My Video [email protected] If you're interested.Selling Level 76 with 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*Selling my lvl 76 range based account im trying to sell this account for i do not want account swaps or rsgp. 80 dollars *paypal only*. My - [email protected] Will use omm at your expense or a trusted mm ~Bank Pic~ ~Stats~ ~level~ ~login~[Buying] Staker - 1 Def - High Str or Range, low combat level!Looking for a sick staker, preferably 1 def, F2P, and high range or strength. Can buy with RSGP or swaps. Must be clean, with no recoveries or email attached. You will be going first if I deem you less trusted than I, or we can get an MM. Cheers.[rsgp,maybe swaps,maybe paypal] Pro Staker 80 dung 200k tokensIf your looking to scam me just gtfo. I know what im doing i have sold accounts before. Will not go first, dont even ask. You pay for omm, dont even ask me to. Also now its 73 attack Min bid: none but give me some reasonable offers! AW: I dono, just what i want and ill accept![PayPal] Selling Ranged Staker, 99 Hitpoints/Ranged, 94 Defense, 1 Summoning/PrayerI'm selling my Ranged Staker. He has 99 Ranged and Hitpoints, 94 Defense, and enough Zeals for 95 or 96 Defense (P2P ran out before I could redeem the zeals.). Summoning and prayer are both 1, and combat level is 97. Pretty much a maxed ranged staker, you don't even need the 5 final defense levels to win duels. Comes with a whip and some members items worth a couple million, as I said before the P2P ran out before I could redeem zeals or sell the items. Offer via /PM/Post. .[FS] PURE LVL 69 WITH ADDY GLOVES, AND 9m+!!!!Ok i am selling this Level 69 with addy gloves and 9 plus mills. He has 89 hunter, 85 strength, and 1 defence. If you are interested add: [email protected] S/b: 20$ A/w: 40$ Uploaded with ImageShack.usSTAKER (88) awesome build. ( 1 2)So ive done with rs for a while not playing anymore on that account. focusing on a new build that is more likely going to beat all his lvls when im done . So im selling this good staker.. just needs a bit higher hp and ur good to go ! so stats are here :i1093.photobucket/albums/...espy/stats.jpg No reqs aswell log in : i1093.photobucket/albums/...req1pozder.jpg i will use a mm or omm or we can do different style of trade but i wont go first. only to trusted in my view. that would be all looking atleast 10m for it . if interested add [email protected][FS] 79 Attack 99 strength zerker pure! [FS]Hi guys! Back again selling another account ive had for quite awhile. It has done rfd up to rune gloves it is 99 str and 99 hunter (trim cape) now im going to let the picture speak. Everything in the picture is all the account has to offer. If you cant see the picture then here is the direct link: A/W 80$ let the bid's begin!
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