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    epic rapier+cls staker!! must lookwe can either use middle man or you can freely go first. i will go first to trusted member. The price for this epic account is like.... start bid : 70M... auto win changed to : 120m as im working on my range/mage boxer i dont play on this account. oh my : [email protected] current bid : 100m some pictures below.Selling Rune/hand-cannon [email protected]@@Selling my combat 85, 40 quested defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. PM or POST below.Buying a claw rusher~Hey guys, I'm looking to buy an account with the following stats: 60 att (no more, no less) 90-99 str 1 Def 1 pray OR 55+ pray Either 1 or 94+ mage If you have an account that fits this, let me know ! Shawn[RSGP]Selling Lvl 83 Agile Pure - D claws & Full Agile[RSGP] ( 1 2)Hello, I am selling my agile pure for rsgp/swaps for a main. Offer what you think is reasonable. I am also the original owner of this account. I WILL NOT go first for any reason; I am fine if you would like to use an MM at your cost. : [email protected] Stats + Bank: Recovs + Email: Quests: 179/315 Things I WILL do: -Take Swaps for Mains -Help if the account ends up getting locked Things I WILL NOT do: -Pay for MM's -Go first for any reason -Swap for other pures Good Luck Bidding![RSGP] Lvl 78 Agility Pure/ Barrow Gloves/99 magic [Offer]selling my lvl 78 agility pure , can easily be changed into a rune or zerk. Will not go first , Just got scammed for my handcannon pure stats: 35 Def (quested) 60 att (quested) 62 str 74 range 67 HP 44 prayer 99 Magic 87 Agility with full agile armour has barrow gloves and most quest completed Also has Ram skull helm All other skills are pretty high as well Account only has 1m in it as i just spent all my money on 99 magic. [email protected] 91 Rune purePm or post if you are interested or have any questions. No Swaps.NEED A ZERKER/TANK Level 90 - 98 - Will SWAP MAXED 131 MAINBored of having a main, i need of a zerker or a tank between the levels 90 - 98 for pking, The main is a brilliant staker and can make mills/bills boxing please feel free to contact me. I will swap the account for a decent one. I will happily go first etc, if you are trusted. Stats are below. AN ACCOUNT WITH 3+ 99's!!!!!PM me if u are interested.... I WANT AN ACCOUNT WITH AT LEAST 1 method of attack 99 and the rest can be skill 99's My process: First you give me the username and password so i can make sure i can get on the account and that i am satisfied paying the amount we settle on.. then i pay you if i am happy with the account and then we will clear the rest up after i have paid you!
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