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    [WU/RSGP] 88 Ranged / 75 Magic / MM Done / 1 Def & Prayer [WU/RSGP]No email or recoveries [email protected] Beware of imposters! ALWAYS ask for a PM. A/W 45M/$40 I do not go first unless you are very trusted, I welcome all OMMs into the trade. You will cover the costs Happy Bidding[rsgp] Selling Lvl 89. View For DetailI'm selling my level 89 account. Stats are: Log In screen: I will delete recover's and e-mail upon purchase. LOOK, ITS A MEMBERS FOR A COUPLE MORE WEEKS! Quests: Monkey Madness, Lost City, Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, almost every f2p quest. Please send me PRIVATE MESSAGES with offers. Should we start at 10m [RSGP] for bidding? PRIVATE MESSAGE offers. you can also post them in reply but always send them to me in a PRIVATE MESSAGE. Add my [email protected] ill check that frequently too. I DO NOT GO FIRST, 80% of the buyers are sammers. And I don't want to get scammed again. GOOD TRADES: 7 BAD TRADES: 2 (I was SCAMMED)Selling 86 Zerker! [RSGP]Wanting to sell this account for RSGP ONLY make an offer, Will not go first. The account has around 30+ rune defenders on it, All the basic zerker quests done. Never did DT. The account does have recovery questions, 0 blackmarks. Also I'll finish training the attack to 70 if you like. The account has members until March 31st Add me at [email protected] or : Xblblank if you want to talk more. NO SWAPPING[RSGP]Level 80 Ranger Or Selling It's Name. Read More [RSGP]Uploaded with Selling this account. Has 1.5 mill rsgp on it. Or It's previous display name which can be changed right now! Uploaded with Contact me on for more info on purchase. [email protected] A/W for name: 15m A/W for name + acc: 25m░▒▓[Level 63][80 dung][200k tokens][1 def pray]░▒▓Uploaded with Uploaded with Accepting RSGP only. More than happy to use OMM/MM. Post here or pm me on sythe.[RSGP]selling lvl 74 BEAST STAKER 1 pray 1 def 60 atk 97 str 94 hp!![RSGP]The time has finally come, after making 1.1b off this account im deciding to sell it because I do not want to continue staking and im planning to play on my main I've already cleaned the account so it has nothing , email will be deleted once I find Legit buyer. Rules: I will not go first unless you have 20 + vouches in 500$ of trading or more ( no training vouches etc.) A/W 100m I will do 50/50 if you have 5 vouches or more + I will use OMM, you pay fee's Scammer please do not post here as you are wasting your time because your not going to get me Stats: login: A few high stakes with this account:Selling level 68 pure[94 mage] ( 1 2)The main thing about this account, is that it has 94 mage, with dt/ mm done at level 68 Its str is exceptionally low, but as it stands right now, I can gain around 30 str levels before i gain one combat level. I'm looking for rsgp to fund my cleaned main, so only make offers in rsgp. As this account is less than a month old, I will not be going first since I cannot recover. A recovery test can be performed, but Only by an OMM, as I would have trouble recovering such a new account past someone elses recoveries. post, then add [email protected] if you are interested. please leave your offer, and your in the post.[Buying]Staker[Buying]Hey guys, i'm looking to buy a staker. I'm looking for a staker with preferably 99range/defence/hp/ 1 pray, summoning or 99 defence/hp/mage or all of them put together. Even accepting something like 99range/mage/defence/hp/atk/low strength for all types of stakes. But preferable a mage boxer/Range boxer. I have around $165 to spend, not looking to spend all of it though so please do keep that in mind. It would have to be an epic staker for me to buy it at that price anyways. What i do not want to be posted here is anybody with less than 50 vouches. I require this due to the mass amount of recovering accounts with these untrusted people. I want to make sure that the account i spend my hard earned money on is going to be mine and only mine. So if you have anything under 50 vouches you WILL be ignored. So Post some offers, i'll look around and feel free to add my if you have 50+ vouches. also i would like for the account to be 85-95 combat.
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