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    Buying 1 def pure!i dont have a shortage of cash ( 187m atm) looking for these stats + quests 60 att ( only 60 att ) 80 + str 1 def ( must! ) dont care about hp 90 + mage 90+ range MUST HAVE DT DONE there the only requirements it needs to have pm me prices thanksGreat level 85 range tank!Hey guys, i'm selling this account for $20 and unless your offering more, it's a firm price :p Just add my or pm me we can do omm fees on you or Tmm or you can go first. And if you have ALOT of vouches i'll go first. The account has a 6.5m bank and... well, here's the pics Uploaded with[RSGP] Maxed obby mauler - Beast skiller 99s - Rune pure [RSGP] ( 1 2)hey guys im selling these 3 amazing accounts for rsgp. Bid away! PM me your or post it here. Obby Mauler: Uploaded with Skiller: Uploaded with Potential rune pure: Uploaded with thanks, My EcstacySelling near maxed 1 defence/1pray Hybrid. Addy gloves, MM, Crystal Bow, Zammy book..Hey Guys im selling my 1 defence, 1 prayer, 1 summoning pure that ive been working on for really long. The account is amazing, it Pk's everything around its level in High risk wilderness worlds because you cannot protect item in that world but since it has 1 prayer that gives it a combat level advantage over everyone and really over powers them. It Has all Possible Pure Quests done. Monkey Maddness Lost City Horro From the Deep RFD to Addy Roving Elves Regicide And Many More! Here are the Stats ^ yeah i was like wtf at the flowers too, someone has too much time on their hands ^.^ Wealth: Will stay on it icf removing it And heres the bank. Full of pking Gear, Pots, Runes etc. Ready to Gooo! Front Page Pillars So there it is I am looking for RSGP and will only take Paypal from very trusted members. But I prefer RSGP as I will be selling all of my GP later on. Please leave a bid as well as your . I will add you, please do not randomly add me as I will not accept you if I dont know who you are. Ill set the autowin at 100M RSGP Pm or add me on [email protected][RSGP]selling awesome f2p pure 88 str [15+vouches]omg whipped cr34m the newcomer jsut scammed me for my pure for 43m ffs[rsgp]selling Maxed Quested Zerker!3 99's!95 Hunt!fc!rfdsorry guys posted in wrong section and whipped cr34m love you off broSelling [94 RUNE PURE] {Dgloves/ardy cape}As i said 94 cb, really 90+4, only taking rsgp...Wont go first! But i will use OMM or a MM at ur cost! we can have a recovery test done to prove i am the org owner! Working on b gloves atm! s/b 20M a/w 75M!SellingZerker-90 Strength-RSGPI currently have another pure that I wish to make my main but need quite a bit of money to get it jump started. I understand I'm new so I would love to (and will only) use a trusted member as a MM (If your trusted I'll go first) I'm looking for a decent amount as I have put some time into him, and have completed many annoying quest (However not DT). He has up to addy gloves, and has addy defender. Starting Bid:10m
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