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    Level 60, DT done, 88 range!!Hey guys, Selling my newly made pure because i don't plat it enough THE EMAIL AND RECOVERIES HAVE BEEN REMOVEDOMG a good deal!well i need an upgrade really really bad and have no gp. so im gonna train my account with 99 woodcutting for 1 account upgrade or pin!. if you are interested messsage me at [email protected] Rs!6 Cheap Accs! Limited Time!Hey guys here are some of my accounts. ALL ACCOUNTS HAVE NO RECOVS/EMAIL SET. ABOUT 20M ON EACH ACCOUNT .I DO NOT GO FIRST!! DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU EXPECT ME TO GO FIRST OR TO SWAP By messaging me you agree that I will NOT go first, I will NOT use a OMM of anykind, and once i DO receive the payment you will receive information. ACCOUNTS: Account #1 LEVEL 50! _____________________________________________ Account #2 LEVEL 81! _____________________________________________ Account #3 LEVEL 70! _____________________________________________ Account #4 LEVEL 118! _____________________________________________ Account #5 LEVEL 102! _____________________________________________ Account #6 LEVEL 3! HAS 99 WC NOW!!!! _____________________________________________ PRICES: ACCOUNT 1 : 30$ ACCOUNT 2: 50$ ACCOUNT 3: 55$ ACCOUNT 4: 60$ ACCOUNT 5: 65$ ACCOUNT 6: 20$ (OR ALL FOR 200$)!!!!! CONTACT INFO ~ - [email protected] AIM- snoopydizal10 ACCEPTING PAYPAL/ALERTPAY/AMAZON PAYMENTS! PRICES NEGOTIABLE!Chaotic Pure - RSGP Only ( 1 2)Selling my pure I've not used in atleast 2 months. Looking for RSGP only. Wanting 200m. All pure quests are finnished besides addy gloves, currently on mith. Picture below:Selling 20 def 99 mage/str korasiCombat is 98 (91+7) Paypal only for this sale. Bidding starts at £150 Not quite sure how to cancel the email so if someone can run me through it i'll post a picture of that - Same with recoveries I tried on a previous account and got it locked so i'm handing them over once payment is recieved or if you want to explain how to remove them i'll post a picture as proof. I'll only go first to super super trusted don't bother if not (70m rsgp and claws as seen with the account are included) Contact via pm and if needed to discuss further it will be done via ! Happy bidding![RSGP]Selling Pure lvl 81+6 - 61attack - 94STR- 5DEF - 99RNG - 99MAGE- 52 PRAY - 92HPRSN: b2k_inc Buying for RSGP only Stats: Addy gloves: Quest:Staking Boxer lvl 88.Selling a decent boxer cb lvl 88 stats 70 att 65 str (not shown on hs which is ideal for staking) 93 defence 86 hits. (i am not the original owner i have had account for 4 months, no problems). im selling because i have a pure that i'd like to dedicate my time too, added 1 month membership for the buyer of this account it has no recoveries or email registered to it..i am looking for rs gold and would like to start the bidding at 10m. Happy bidding. Revoveries: Stats: lvl 81+6 Pure- 61atck - 94str - 5def- 99rng- 52pray - 99mage - 92hp - 99 fishRSN:B2k_Inc RSGP Only Stats: Addy gloves: Quest:
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