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    Selling Range pureHi i am selling my lvl 66 range pure, will keep dark bow and 2 sets of black dhide on account OFFER AWAY Will remove recovers when i find buyer Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usZeal Services :DHello Guys, Today I Am Offering These Zeal Services. I Will Get You As Many Zeals As Needed But This Does Take Alot Of Time So If You Have Me Doing The Service Please Be Patient, THIS WILL NOT BE BOTTED 100% LEGIT SERVICES AND THATS WHY YOU WILL NEED TO BE PATIENT. PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE. SERVICES START ASAP I Charge 120m Rsgp For 1500 Zeal I Charge 50m Rsgp For 500 Zeal I Charge 20m Rsgp For 250 Zeal I Charge 10m Rsgp For 100 Zeal[ANCIENTS~LUNARS~82 MAGIC~PIETY~70 PRAYER~ TWO 99s~ 115 COMBAT [[CHEAP]] M U S T SEEselling it for 10m or i will take a simple g mauler. you WILL get every piece of information on this account. basically 10m is auto win 15m-20m would be nice but im in need of cash so 10m is auto win atmLow level PKing Pure! High range, str, and mage 1 def 11 prayer!Combat level is 64 Stats: Quests completed: Already has most of the requirements for Desert Treasure. No recovery questions and no registered email: Auto Win is 25m On this account Wind Blast to G maul rushed a kid and k0ed him for about 2m loot and took his Arcane Stream Necklace off his neck. This truly is a Prodigy Pker. My is [email protected], add me. Post offers and s here.[PP] Initiate Pure w/ 99 Hunter ~ Ready to Zerk ~ Rune Gloves [PP]Hi guys I will only be accepting PAYPAL We will be using a MM, or one of us going forth under my discretion Selling this 25 Def ~QUESTED~ Pure. It still can be zerked and has many quests done. RFD is done up to RUNE GLOVES, DT MM Nature Spirit and many more quests completed. It is in the top 2,000 for hunter, and has about 23M Hunter EXP. **High Potential to become a good zerker, look at the stats and quests!** Notable Stats: 60 atk 90 str 92 mage 76 thieving 99 hunter 31 Prayer (Quested) 25 Defence (Quested) I have 100% Feedback and have reported many scammers, so dont go trying love you with me. Post here && then add my : Proofs (No Recovs Set and Such) i261.photobucket/albums/i...g?t=1298777619 Stats: i261.photobucket/albums/i...g?t=1298777619 Hunter XP: i261.photobucket/albums/i...g?t=1298777619 Quests: i261.photobucket/albums/i...g?t=1298777619 Vouches: sythe/showthread.php?t=866636 POST AND/OR PM IN ORDER TO GET MY Video of just some of my KOs on 3/19/11 s261.photobucket/albums/i...Untitled-4.mp4 all in one day, it owns in high risk worlds. WHAT IM WORKING ON: 1) 30 def (doing Between a Rock... as we speak) 2) 90 range + hand cannon 3) 95 prayer 4) and then 85 HPSelling level 67 40 Def Starting Range Tank / Staker {RSGP/PayPal}Hey guys I'm selling this 40 Defence starting Range Tank / Staker. I bought him off CephaXz as a 1 Defence pure. I botted his HP up at Soul Wars and got decent staking stats, one morning I woke up after a night botting session to find I had 25 Defence. My douche of a brother thought that it would be funny to change the attack mode to long range. I decided that 25 Defence was useless and got 40 Defence. I then knife boxed kids with a Corrupt Statius helm and made about 10M. It has become a goal of mine to max out my Turmoil Zerker and I could use the extra M's for Magic / Range. That is why I'm accepting RSGP/PayPal. I have been on Sythe for nearly a year and have seen every scam attempt, so don't even bother trying. I will not go first if you aren't highly trusted. However I will be happy to use a MM/OMM. Post your offers here and then add me on . AW: 50 M / $45 Stats:selling g mauler/ clawer to beselling lvl 65 pure...52 attk 77 str 71 hp 83 range 82 magic 44 prayer 1 defence....selling for also has 28 days membership left also selling lvl 64 hybrid....60 atk 69 str 69 hp 77 range 82 magic 45 pray 1 def.....also has money making skills...63 fishing 76 thieving and 85 woodcutting ...its not p2p so you would have to do that yourself >>>only asking 8m if anyone interested pm me on runescape on rsn:itz shanyeee im always online[BUYING] Handcannon 90+ Range Pure.PAYING IN RSGP. Lookin for a badass quested handcannon pure for void rushing. REQ: Handcannon questing done. 90+ Range. 30-45 Defense. Things like low HP and 94 Mage are a huge + but not required. And of course account must be range combat based. Paying anywhere up to 100M depending on how great the account is. Thank You.
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