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    looking to buy a cheap obby maul purepm meSkiller/summoning pure Lvl 3/8 for $10 [PP]Hello, I'm selling my skiller/summoning pure Has no blackmarks, but can't get to screen, or any other account info screen. Email will be set to buyers email if they want. Recovery information and other information will be provided. : [email protected][RSGP]or[Swap] LVL56 with 72 WoodcuttingHere is an image of it. ://s1091.photobucket/albums/...heAccount1.jpg Notable Stats: Constitution:49 Attack:53 Strength:52 Defense:37 Woodcutting:72 OFFER=none AUTOWIN=15mBuying pure 40att 80+str 80+rangedBuying pure 40att 80+str 80+ranged. Im new , so if well trusted, ill go first.Buying a Skiller!I'm looking today to buy a skiller. Here are the requirements: ~ 5m cash minimum. ~ 60+ Woodcutting ~ 300 Total Level ~ No Combat ~ If it had no quests done it would be great. I am willing to spend up to 30m on a skiller. Thanks![Paypal] Level 59 Range/dds pure with 65M!Hello and welcome to my thread. I am looking to sell my pure range / dds account, it owns the wildernes at the moment and has a really low CB for it's stats. All money on this account was made by PKING and staking, can offer videos of this account if requested. UPDATE ON STATS/60CB: Not sure what this account is worth so offer away, please take note that i am only and i mean only accepting - PAYPAL -[RSGP] Selling level 3 skiller. | 99 Herblore | 99 Fletching | 90 Firemaking | More!| ( 1 2)Account sold for 50mPure Account Sale | RSGP/PayPalHey guys, i came back after not playin for nearly 2 years and decided to sell my account for either paypal or RSGP to start a new account. Account are all originally owned by me and are 2-3 years old. All information will be provided upon purchase. OMM will be used or you have the option of going first, i've been around on since 2005. Account 1 | Cb 59 Sw Mauler 87 Hunter 200k Wealth No Membership Mith Gloves Full Zamarok Book A/W: $40 / 40m Highest Bid: Account 2 | Cb 57 F2P Pure No Wealth A/W: $10 / 15m Highest Bid: Account 3 | Cb 70 DDS Pure Could be initiate Pure 200k Wealth No Membership A/W: $15 / 20m Highest Bid: Account 4 |Cb 69 Mage/DDS Pure DT Complete No Wealth No Membership 76 Hunter A/W: $20 / 30m Highest Bid: 25m Account 5 | Cb 80 Rune Pure? DT Complete 100k Wealth No Membership A/W: $15 / 20m Highest Bid: Code: Please use this form: Account Number: Offer: Contact: Other:[email protected] : OhPixL
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