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    [Paypal] Selling Awesome Level-65 Staker | Rare Name | 8M+ Cash and Items [Paypal]A/W Updated! New A/W is set at $25 or 30M Hi all, I am selling a level 65 staker with 8M in wealth. At the end of the day I will sell the account to the user with the highest bid OR whoever meets the $35 A/W first I know you just wanna see pics tho so... Post bids below - good luck Specifics: I go first to members with 30+ vouches Otherwise, I will be more than happy to use a MM (Official or we can agree upon a free one) or you can go first Accepting payment from Verified Paypal accounts or RSGP only 1M = $0.70[PP] Handcannon pure | 76 ranged | 62 Combat [RSGP]Hi, I'm ikbengekha and I'm selling this handcannon pure. With it's spec it can hit up to 380-380. It has 20 membership days left! A/W = 15M / 10$ | Current Bid = 15$[PayPal]Cheapp! level 73 init pure[PayPal]Im selling a level 73 initiate pure which i havent used in a long time, it has 62 attack, 77 str, 20 defence, 70 ranging, 43 prayer, 71 hp. It has the quests monkey madness and recruitment drive completed. There arent any items on the account. If you are interested in the account, please message my : [email protected] I am only accepting paypal, please offer your price on the account and we can make an agreement. i would like to use a mm for this trade61 combat str pure ( 1 2)basic strenght pure... will trade for ingame money or membership you go first or you pay for MM. Starting with 10M or 1 month Pics: s1102.photobucket/albums/g444/buytacos/ EDIT : A/W = 9M, can go first if you have good vouches[Pokerstars]Selling RP[Extremely Cheap $10 only!][$100 DONOR] ( 1 2)Sorry, not going to post pictures because not many people use pokerstars here, i'll gladly verify everything on . Stats are: 63 attack 92 strength 45 def 86 range 43 pray 94 mage. 160 quest points, can wear d gloves and can venge+ barrage. 86 f2p cb. I want $10-$20 pokerstars for it [email protected] Thanks! Another option is $40 Paypal, because apparently no one on sythe uses Pokerstars..Selling level 60 Pure. Fast Reliable Trusted.Information Accounts recoverys will be removed upon trade will be only accepting Runescape gold I know all the information to the account and will be given upon the trade Contact [email protected] Quote: Originally Posted by T R 1 B A L Vouch to Sophies, trustworthy and reliable. Quote: Originally Posted by SellingNRItemsGp Vouch, super trusted. Will continue doing business. Trusted with 1b+ NR Quote: Originally Posted by ip0wns Vouch to Sophies sold me 1 upgrade and he went first. Very smooth trade! Quote: Originally Posted by FacelessVoid Big Vouch for Sophies. She has bought my pure and went first great customer! Recommended!Selling level 1deff pure [99str] +309millHello, im selling my pure because i have no more time to play the game and i would like some extra cash . Payment is prefered to be done by bank transfer or paypal, NO TRADES! i just want cash. Auto win 450$ It still has recovs set because i do not know how to delete them, i will give you all the answers to the recovery's + all the extra data you want. Stats: Money: Blackmarks: member till: It has no black marks, never has been bott'ed on either, all done by hand.(TRUSTED)(CHEAP) Near Maxed Pure (TRUSTED)(CHEAP)Hi Sythe Leebums here and i am selling my amazing near maxed pure due to starting to play another account. I will be selling this account cheap so for any information please contact my : [email protected] ToS 1. I am trusted so you go first or we do 50/50 2. If you want OMM you pay all fees 3. I will NEVER go first 4. If you are trying to scam please leave. A/w: 70m L/w: 50m If interested add my and post offers please: [email protected]
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