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    [PayPal][$50 Donor] Beastly 1 Def | 4 99's | Runs w18 [Trusted][Legit] ( 1 2)What's up, Sythe. Today I have my amazingly beast 1 def pure for sale. I'm not using this account any longer because I'm currently beasting the Wildy with my Maxed Zerker. Anyway, back to the point. Everything will be explained in the pictures. Please read carefully and examine every picture thoroughly to understand what you're buying. Account Notes: Has recovery questions Fully quested Is botted Clean for months As you can tell, the account does have Recovery Questions. I do not really know how to delete them if the account is an email log in, so if anyone can help that would be awesome Other than that, the original recovery questions can and will be given upon trade completion. I'm pretty trusted, so scamming will not be an issue. STARTING BID: $100.00 BUY IT NOW: $370-$400Selling Tank Gravite 2h Prod! CB:72Taking offers. Will probably go cheaper then you would think. Pic with the G2H: Stats: *Sorry for the blotch out of the prayer idk what I was thinking haha. It is 4 Prayer Hit me up on .. [email protected] tank for saleI will use a vmm if you pay the fees. I have the email linked to the account no idea why it says it needs confirmation.. A/W is 40$ or 60M :[email protected] I will not use teamviewer and I will not let you on the account until you payed.[paypal][swaps] selling level 92 starter zerker 104m bankHello sythe members im here to sell my 92 combat pure. I have quit runescape and no longer need the account, i was turning it into a rune pure, but dont have the time to quest anymore. Swaps: Interested in range tanks, mains with 99 combat stat RULES: Will NOT GO FIRST, UNLESS YOUR MOD OR HIGHLY TRUSTED! No account swaps. No $75 and under offers. POST ON THREAD BEFORE YOU ADD MY !! Account: ALL MASKS ARE GONE, IS NOW A CASH PILE!! Has up to Rune gloves in rfd. 104m bank + degraded corrputed dbaxe in the bank. A/W: $125[PP]Selling LvL 89 | 99 Hunter | 91 wc | Awsome Money Making skills | Cheap | TrustedHey guys here to sell my account If you would like to see it please add my : [email protected] I don't really feel like uploading everything so if you want it contact me and ill send u some pics. Thanks ~ Nickbuying range pure is in sig, prices discussed there! Acc must have done animal magnetism, paying MORE for 1 defBUYİNG PURE WİTH DT ReAD 100m left!!İ buy a pure with DT 50-60 att 70-99 str 70-99 range 1-52 pray 1 def 1-99 summ İ only have 100m left .. :[email protected] Scammers dont try wont work..selling FULLY QUESTED Turmoil Pure|92 dung|rapier|D Gloves|Spirit Shield| RSGP |Turmoil pure [Noticeable Stats and achievements - 97 strength. - 95 prayer - 92dung - D gloves. - 94 magic. - Spirit shield. - Rapier. - FULLY QUESTED Rules + Pricing - I only accept Rsgp - Starting bid: 50m - Asking price: Unsure atm. - Im open to use a middle man. - Please post offer + . Pictures
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