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    Due to the nature of how funcom has gotten and the amount of accounts being stolen hacked I will not be giving ANY char names to the account nor will I post public information about lvls,faction,ai levels, and such as it is way to easy to go on look up and match characters on auno website that way. On to the account though,This is a very special account and in my opion a very rare one as it was made the first day ao came out and was a free account thats right it was flagged by funcom as a free media/pr account what this means is there has been nor ever will be billing on this account it is free for life.this is not a basic account this has all the expansions on it but the last and adding expansions will not change the free status of the account. Of course there are MANY characters on this account as you can imagine as it was made from day 1 there are multiple 210+ characters some 220 others in between the 210-220 range.There are rares on this account as well though I am not gonna even attempt to list 6 years of account items and bank inventory on it.there is however no Ai armor on the account. I am taking serious offers only only this and would prefer it be by what few legit buyers there is on this forum.If you want more info or make a offer send me a pm with your offer your a aim/ name to contact you with.Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.