Selling  Level 81-90  Android and iOS Selling Rank 1 Legacy of Discord Account

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    Hi, I want to sell my Legacy of Discord Account

    EST server
    The account is Rank 1 in the server by a 3 billion BR difference
    Level 83
    7 Billion BR
    2 Diamond Pets, 9 Ultimate Pets/50 total pets
    7 Divine Mounts, Five with max Obliterate/26 total
    3 Max Level Rank 12 Wrathwings/36 total
    3 Rank 6 Metamorphs/15 total
    Rank 1 Guild Leader
    All refine over 65
    All enhance 83
    Level 83 Skills
    3 Gods, Zeus Rank 2
    All Ultimas over level 100
    Four Mercenaries, all rank A
    Two Shield of Aegis Rank 1
    BR Rank 1
    Level Rank 1
    Equipment Rank 1
    Wrathwings Rank 2
    PVP/Arena Rank 1
    Skills Rank 1
    Pet Rank 1
    Guild Rank 1

    Pictures/videos will be provided upon request

    Any other information you want to know, don't be afraid to ask, I will provide


    Discord - Kazama#7702
    Whatsapp - +1 954 478 3073

    Selling to the highest offer!
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