Selling  Android  Level 61-70 Selling Old Account (Level 61 with decent stuff) For $75

Discussion in 'VEGA Conflict Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by TheRedMage4444, 8/30/19.

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    Don't have enough time to take care of this account anymore. Vega Conflict is a really fun game but is too time-consuming.

    Most of the ships are unlocked except for some of the newer ones.
    A lot of elite ships with decent equipment.
    Bridge LVL 7
    Ship Factory LVL 12
    Fleet Bay LVL 13
    Tech Lab LVL 12
    Arms Lab LVL 11
    Ship Lab LVL 10
    Workshop LVL 9
    Commerce Module LVL 9 (produces 20 coins per day)
    VIP RANK 3
    1,409 coins and counting...

    Many cool ships including a lot of carriers, Oni Daemon Battleship, and the javelin jump ship.


    This account has 142 medals, 425 blood ambers, and almost full storage of resources.

    Sellin' this babe for just $75 jus' seem like a cute lil' deal for me~~~~

    Click link to buy (Middleman Service):
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.