Sold [Selling] Na s17 - 4.3k+ paragon - rat/znec/ratbarb/impale/ms/thorns&monk(150ready)

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    Season 17
    4.3k+ Paragon
    1k+ Bounty Mats
    Max (13) Stash tabs Unlocked. Only missing 1 conquest for season 17 wings.
    Full stash of gems for augments. Main gems 150.
    Mostly primals and 140 augments rat. Mostly primals no augs thorn rgk.
    Corpse Lance RGK
    Fully augmented znec and 150 ready zmonk.
    XpRatBarb/Dh impale and multishot.
    Necro Pack
    No Free Name Change
    Discord: kavorka#8334
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