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Selling Selling my Account Area:North America Ranked...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by William Chen, 9/28/13.

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  1. William Chen
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    Selling my Account Area:North America Ranked Solo/Duo: Gold 5 (21 LP) Ranked:59 wins 34 defeat Normal:723 games Ranked 3v3: Gold 5 (not the captain) Ranked 5v5: Silver 5 (not the captain) 8 rune pages 85 Champs 58 Skins List of Skins: foxfire ahri 975 bloodmoon akali 975 matador alistar 975 (Legacy,no longer in store) unchained alistar Free pharaoh amumu 520 (Legacy,no longer in store) goth annie 2520 (Digital Collector's Pack) frosted annie 975 sherwood ashe 520 arctic warfare caitlyn 975 mythic cassiopeia 975 dragonwing corki 975 lord darius 975 bioforge darius 975 tpa mundo 750 (no longer in store) soul reaver draven 975 gladiator draven 975 nottingham ezreal 520 (Legacy,no longer in store) frosted ezreal 520 pulsefire ezreal 3250 tpa ezreal 750 headmistress fiora 975 (Holiday skin, , no longer in store) oktoberfest gragas 975 riot graves 975 (no longer in store) debonair jayce 975 triditional karma Free (no longer in store) high command katarina 975 slay belle katarina 975 (Holiday skin, , no longer in store) unmasked kayle 520 (Legacy,no longer in store) monarch kog'maw 520 prestigious leblanc 520 mistletoe leblanc 975 (Holiday skin, , no longer in store) valkyrie leona 975 haunted maokai 975 (Holiday skin, , no longer in store) secret agent miss fortune 975 dragon knight mordekaiser 520 (Legacy,no longer in store) koi nami 975 french maid nidalee 520 tpa nunu 750 (no longer in store) tpa orianna 750 (no longer in store) battle bunny riven 975 CHAMPIONSHIP RIVEN 975 (ULTRA RARE, no longer in store) dark crystal ryze 975 tpa shen 750 (no longer in store) arcade sona 975 divine soraka 975 armor of the fifth age taric 975 cottontail teemo 975 panda teemo 975 riot girl tristana Free tango twisted fate 975 spirit guard udyr 3250 archlight varus 975 heartseeker vayne 975 bad santa veigar 975 (Holiday skin, no longer in store) blood lord vladimir 1820 (LEGENDARY, in barney's voice) big bad warwick 520 imperial xin zhao 520 major ziggs 975 groovy zilean 975 --------------------------------------------- 54435 RP Spent about 350$ on this account Runes List: Marks Armor Pen x9 Physical Dmg x9 Magic Pen x9 armor x9 Seals physical dmg x1 gold/10 x4 health x1 mana regen z9 health/lvl x9 armor x9 Glyphs ability power x9 physical dmg x4 ability power/lvl x6 magic resist/lvl x5 magic resist x9 Quints 1g/10 x3 ability power x3 physical dmg x3 attack speed x1 lifesteal x3 account also has some rare icons! Let me know if you are interested and im selling this account for about 200 usd. we can discuss through skype,facebook payment will be made by paypal. if uncomfortable we can set up a payment via playerup.com.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.