Sold Selling my 3 yr old imvu account

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    I haven't played in almost a year, I work a lot now so i'm getting rid of the account. I spent a lot of money on it so I wont take super low offers. I'll link pictures of the outfits, badges, profile, ect. There's still 7,422 credits on it I never used that will come with it as well. The age set is 17 yrs currently (birthday feb, 25th 2004) my birthday obviously but, you can file a help ticket to imvu and get it changed. The user name is 'biich' which u can also change lol.

    There's more stuff then outfits cause I deleted most of them so you're welcome to delete them all and make your own, same with the badges. There's over 1,000 badges already on there to choose from. The account is female so is 80% of the things I bought. I did make one male outfit that is still on there though. There's also some pretty expensive items most of the creators I bought from were pricey, for example 5k skins, heads, ect def not a lot of first page items. I have a fully furnished, decorated chat room if you repurchase vip on the account u get it back along with the stuff in it that's up to u. I have like 150 friends so shouldn't take long to remove them all.

    If you have questions feel free to ask.
    contact info:

    Number: 8593806028

    Snapchat: rebekahbot

    Email: [email protected]
    or [email protected]

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