Selling Selling MU account with 5 characters on one account 285+

Discussion in 'MU Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Games, 3/5/15.

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    I am selling my MU account for CASH and since will not allow virtual items to be sold there I need to find somewhere else to sell it...THIS IS FOR MUGLOBALONLINE SERVER HELHEIM

    If you are interested in buying for cash please email what you want and I will send you prices. Keep in mind 1 Bless = $2.25. I will give deal to those that buy alot.

    I will sell this whole account if the offer is good.

    Heres all the items I have for sale...

    Soul Master DW
    LVL: 313 Bar: 9
    Strength 258
    Agility: 118
    Vitality: 135
    Energy: 1250
    Soul WIngs +5+1Hp
    Legendary Set
    Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots +11+16
    Legendary Shield +10+20+L
    Exc Pendant +20lvl+7spd
    Ring Of ICe +3%HP+40% Zen
    Ring of Poison +3%HP + 4% Damage Decrease

    Magic Gladiator
    He is great for KS wars!
    LVL: 298 Bar: 7.5+
    Strength: 394
    Agility: 181
    Vitality: 120
    Energy: 1489
    Wings of Darkness +9+12+L

    Muse ELF
    LVL:313 Bar: 8.5+
    Strength: 280
    Agility: 1306
    Vitality: 154
    Energy: 15
    Great Reign Crossbow +8+8+Skill
    Wings of Spirit +9+8

    Blade Knight
    LVL 286 Bar 2.5
    Strength: 800
    Agility: 300
    Vitality: 330
    Energy: 164
    No Items

    Dark Lord:
    Awesome Damage!! This dont get much better!
    LVL: 313 Bar: 1.5 - This may be higher. I continue to play with him cause hes fun!!!
    Strength: 447
    Agility: 124
    Vitality: 590
    Energy: 200
    Command: 893
    Extra Points: 7
    Excellant Scale Set:
    Helm +11+16+DD+REF
    Armor +11+16+DD+REF
    Pants +11+16+DD+REF+Luck
    Gloves +11+16+DD+REF
    Boots +11+16+DD+REF+Luck
    Lord Sceptor+11+12+Luck
    Excellant Pendant of Fire +Exc DMG
    Excellant Ring of Ice +3%HP+Ref
    Excellant Ring of Poison +3%HP+Ref
    Dark Horse LVL 21
    Raven LVL 29
    Zen: All the characters together have no more than 30 million zen all together
    700+ Bless
    20+ Chaos
    15+ Angels
    4 Fruits
    300+ signs of lord
    5 Excellant items +0+0 = worth no more than 1B each
    MG Wings +3+0
    8 Horns
    Thats about it
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