Sold Selling Lvl70 Geared Character good for starting players

Discussion in 'Twin Saga Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by lastyy, 12/18/17.

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  1. lastyy

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    Hai, Its me again :p Just wanted to sell this account for 120$ via Paypal only ! ~ Comes with the following...

    - +50 lvl60 Dominion set

    - + 40-45 rare Accesories

    - +50 lvl65 Hallowed Force (weapon)

    - lvl50 all Professions and almost 19k Achievements points since i stop playing long time ago with this account.


    You can easily can hit me up in Skype since i'am always online there at night.:eek:

    Skype: meridy52
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