Sold [Selling] Lvl 120 warlock 416 ilvl, 1.5 rio, 25k achievements 300+ mounts 7x 110's {very cheap}

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  1. Tjretbrah

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    Hello ,I'm selling my 120 warlock with 416 ilvl ,
    1.5 rio , 25k Achievements such as <loremaster> and more
    300+ Mounts
    Lots of transmogs
    The account itself has 7x 110's
    300k gold
    Missing about 2-3 days of dailys for flying path part 2.
    8/8 Eternal Palace new raid clear.

    i'm quitting this game since the new patch and the new expainson is boring me and I dont have time to play this game, im trying to sell my account as fast as possible. !!MY PRICE IS 120$ WHICH IS RIDICLOUSLY CHEAP!!

    For more info such as armory/etc pm on :

    Discord Royki#2022
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.