Selling LoL West Account. More than 80 Skins, runes and almost all champs!

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    Selling League of Legends West account with a lot of skins , runes and champions. The account has never been suspended. I quit LoL around 7 months ago and dont want to go back. I will give you the original email that the account was registered with. Skins: Arcade Sona Battlecast Prime Cho Gath Pulsefire Ezreal Full Metal Jayce Lord Darius Blackthorn Morgana Frostblade Irelia Blight Crystal Varus BLood Knight Hecarim Battle Bunny Riven Mafia Graves Warlord Shen Fisherman Fizz Jurassic Kog Maw Abyssal Nautilus Mad Scientist Ziggs Jade Dragon Wukong Sandstorm Katarina Midnight Ahri Frost Queen Janna Hyena Warwick IUmperial Lux Temple Jax Ironscale Shyvana Asylum Shaco Amethyst Ashe Tundra Fizz Hired Gun Graves Cryocore Brand Battlecast Xerath Earthrune Skarner Little Knight Amumu Buccaneer Tristana Gothic Orianna Sewn Chaos Orianna Frostfire Annie Aristocrat Vayne Cottontail Teemo Gragas Esq Apocalyptic Brand Traditional Lee Sin Kennen M.D. Leprechaun Veigar Frozen Terror Nocturne Totemic Maokai Almost prom king amumu Djinn Malzahar Sun Goddess Karma Galactic Renekton Pharaoh Nidalee Siren Cassiopeia Junkyard Trundle Freljord Rammus Monarch Kog Maw Secret Agent Miss Fortune Nightblade Irelia Karate Kennen Tango Twisted Fate Bligewater Swain Stinger Akali Infernal Mordekaiser Frosted Ezreal Shurima Desert Zilean Bandito Fiddlesticks Grim Reaper Karthus Enchanted Galio Golden Alistar Corporate Mundo Spooky Gangplank Hot Rod Corki Forsaken Olaf Vandal Jax Black Belt Udyr Royal Shaco Bird of Prey anivia Uncle Ryze Deep One Kassadin Grungy Nunu Pentakill Sona Blast Zone Heimerdinger Marquis Vladimir : zvezdo_8807 I had all the champions few months ago . I am missing the once that came out last 4-5 months I accept only paypall!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.