Selling level 30 season 2 gold 105 champions Lots of skins

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    Hey guys, so i made a smurf and got it to platinum so i have no need for my other account right now. 14 rune pages 105 champions. Rare skins-- Definately Not blitzcrank Red Baron Corki Mr Mundoverse Pax Sivir Toy soldier Gangplank Victorious Janna Judgement Kayle Mistletoe Leblanc Legendary Skins owned- Gatekeeper Galio BloodLord Vladmir Normal Skins- Midnight Ahri Nurse Akali Crimson Akali Matador Alistar Unchained Alistar Bird of Prey Anivia Frost Fire Annie Amethyst Ashe Artic Warfare Caitlyn Nightmare Cho Executioner Mundo Frosted Ezreal Desert Trooper Garen Aviator Irelia Commando Jarvan Vandal Jax Angler Jax Mercenary Katarina Unmasked Kayle Artic Ops Kennen Karate Kennen Prestigious Leblanc Dragonfist Lee sin Traditional Lee sin Shadow Prince Malzahar Totemic Moakai Ionia Master yi Mafia Miss Fortune Infernal Mordekaiser Leopard Nidalee Sasquatch nunu Sewn Chaos Orianna Noxus Poppy Frelijord Rammus Redeemed Riven Battle Bunny Riven Rumble in the Jungle Tribal Ryze Workshop Shaco Frozen Shen Iron Scale Shyvanna SandScourge Skarner Emerald Taric CottonTail Teemo Highland Tryndamere High Noon Twisted Fate Butcher Urgot Aristocrat Vayne HeartSeeker Vayne Tundra Hunter Warwick Feral Warwick ---- There is one bad thing about this account and it is that it has about 3 bans on it. If you are NOT a rager you should not fear purchasing the account, if you are i'd be careful, i'd say the account has about 3 chances left. 21 rp 5k ip Although this account has Pax sivir s2 gold and lot of holiday skins i do not plan on selling it for too much. If you are interested post your information and i will add you. Once i add you i can send you screen shots of the account and log on while you view my screen. (If someone adds you please ask for account proof before making any deals) * I do not plan on going first, if you are worried that i will scam you please contact a middle man. - - - Updated - - - imgur/iRO4Hps,H79GQ0G,TLK...1f3vnC,q3BJQeb pics
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.