Selling Level 30 League of Legends[West]

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    Auction of 30lvl LOL account on EU West realm. 94 champs(screenshot) and 76 skins. 4 rune pages. 1200+ won normal games and unranked in season 3. You're ready to play! Additionaly 2000rp(1300 needed to change name of account but I didnt use something offensive or nooby so you're good to go like this. I am new here so ...i know guys you can't trust someone new ....anyway ....i wait your offers account goes with reg -email List of the skins: Ahri-Dynasty, foxfire Alistar-unchained, infernal Anivia-bird of prey, noxus hunter, hextech Annie-frostfire Ashe-woad, amethyst Brand-apocaliptic Caitlyn-safari Cassiopeia-desperada Corki-red baron, urfrider Ezreal-nottingham, frosted, explorer, pulsefire Fizz-fisherman Galio-gatekeeper Gragas-scuba, Esq Graves-jailbreak, mafia, riot Irelia-frostblade Janna-frost queen Jax-temple Jayce-full metal Karthus-phantom, grim reaper Kassadin-harbinger Kayle-judgment Kennen-arctic ops Kog'maw-monarch, lion dance Lee sin-dragon fist Lux-commando Malphite-glacial Master yi-headhunter Miss fortune-waterloo, mafia Mordekaiser-lord Morgana-sinful succulence, blade mistress, blackthorn Nidalee-french maid Nocturne-void Orianna-sewn chaos, bladecraft Poppy-scarlet hammer Renekton-rune wars Riven-battle bunny Rumble-bilgerat Ryze-professor, dark crystal Shen-warlord Shyvana-darkflame Sion-hextech Sivir-PAX Swain-tyrant Tristana-riot girl, firefighter Twisted fate-tango Urgot-battlecast Vayne-aristocrat, heartseeker Veigar-superb villain Vladimir-count, blood lord Warwick-feral Xerath-scorched earth Xin zhao-winged hussar Yorick-pentakill Ziggs-major here is the account : lolking/summoner/euw/35417206#profile
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.