Selling level 30 Gladiator/22 Sorc (500k+Kinah) Aion-US

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    Level 30 Gladiator on Zikel - Asmodian with awsome gear, Items Include +1 Worthy Durable Titanium Polearm, +1 Worthy Durable Titanium Breastplate, +1 Worth Durable Titanium Pauldrons, +1 Worthy Durable Titanium Gauntlets, Suran's Plate Greave's, Worthy Durable Titanium Plate Boots, Lysya's Helm, Stofu's Heart, Two Rose Quartz Earrings, Two Manumumu's Wedding Rings, Nereus's Leather Waist, and his Stats read as follow's: HP:3607 MP:2204 Server: Zikel Attack:292 Race: Asmodian Critical:221 Name: Rax Accuracy:828 (HAS +45 Flight Time Wings) Magic Resist:580 Attack Speed:2.80 Physical Defence:949 Parry:1061 Evasion:775 Speed:6.00 Shield Defence:467 ================================================== ========================================= Level 22 Sorcerer with Amazing gear for his level and an outstanding amount of gold and rare patterns for handycrafting, His gear is as follow's: Black Claw Cheiftan's Jewel, Revenge Tunic, Mau Shaman's Pauldron's, Mau Shaman's Gloves, Mau Shaman's Legging's, Mau Shaman's Bandana, Black Opal (Have already obtained an amazing Neckpeice for level 23), Two Amethyst's Earring's, Two Ghost Crystal Ring's, Belt of the Black Claw Tribe, and his stats are as followed: HP:1201 MP:3847 Server: Zikel Accuracy:366 Race: Asmodian Magic Boost:791 Name: Racx Magic Resist:540 (HAS +45 Flight Time Wings) Attack Speed:2.2 Physical Defence:241 Parry:334 Evasion:685 Speed:6.00 Payment methods: Paypal, Western Union, or Face to Face. Price: 75 is minimum bid, Buyout is 110$ USD. Notes THIS ACCOUNT IS SOLEY OWNED BY ME, MY NAME IS CASEY LEWIS AND I AM FROM KENTUCKY. I WILL BE 100% WILLING TO DO A PHONE BY PHONE SALE. THESE CHARACTER'S WHERE SOLEY LEVELED BY ME, NO BOTS, NO CHEATS, NO BAD RECORD. THIS ACCOUNT IS COLLECTOR'S EDITION WITCH IS NO LONGER OBTAINABLE, Contact Me on this forum or on my email: [email protected], PRICE IS 100% NEGOTIABLE BUT WILL NOT DROP BELOW 75$ USD. THANK YOU!
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