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    I say accounts because it comes as a package deal.

    The names are SpringLovelyLily and Lord Crayon

    SpringLovelyLily is a jury and is level 17. But not much on it.

    Lord Crayon is vip (But it ends in a few days) Has 4,000 coins and 47 diamonds. It has over 50 slots of clothing. And some rares.

    Rares like boy fairy hair, Miss goldie & Fem hair, Some Christmas rares, And rare skin.

    The colours of the clothes are mostly dark red/black/White. The hair is mostly OrangishBrownish.

    It has over 100 animations. (50 Brought, over 50 gifted)

    SpringLovelyLily also has some animations. Mostly diamond ones since I short of took them all to Lord Crayon.

    I'm looking for either Itunes (20+) Or a good Robloxs account.

    Contact me on instagram @ MissakiHearts
    Or email me (If you don't have an instagram or are afriad of giving it to a stranger) @ [email protected]
Thread Status:
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