Sold Selling Heroes and Gnerals endgame account Soviet side

Discussion in 'Heroes and Generals Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Amo_EU, 5/1/20.

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    Due to lack of time I decided to sell this account. It has more than 350h of play so you will find endgame gear with almost every soldier from the soviet side. I have already traded successfully with this site (check in my profile) and I trust it.

    Price 30$ non-negotiable, only through this site for safety.

    2590 gold, 200k credits. Everything is upgraded in full, so you wont need credits but you will wisely spend the gold for veteran membership. Six soldiers are included in the account:

    Infantry(sniper combo instead of recon) Rank 15 - Mosin+ppsh41(fully upgaded) combo

    Tanker Rank 15 - All the competitive tanks with every upgrade as you see

    Infantry(anti-tank) Rank 15 - pps43 fully upgraded, H3 and every other antitank option (even antitank ptrd)

    Pilot Rank 12 - with every competitive plane

    Infantry(Close combat) Rank 10 - dp28

    Paratrooper Rank 9 - SVT40 with scope

    PM me for any additional info.I will try to log in recently to check messages.
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