Selling Geared ASMOS account [Also Guildwars2 Ready Master Account]

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    PLEASE PM ME ABOUT ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL ABOUT THE ACCOUNTS! OVERVIEW: BUY BOTH ACCOUNTS AND I WILL SELL FOR 1000 IN TOTAL! In this thread I am selling Two Aion accounts, My main account and my Secondary Account, I am looking for 800 Dollars for my Main account, and about 550 dollars for my Secondary Account, if you are interested in purchasing both accounts i will sell them for a Total of 1000 dollars ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============================= MAIN ACCOUNT CONTENTS [Collectors Edition]: ====PRICE: 800==== Two Years Of Active Account On October , 2011 (Free Eternal Wings, 100% Mana socketting Eternal Supplements, etc) Full GuildWars 1 (6 years characters) with all expansions with 29/30 Weapon/Armor/Pet bonus rewards for Guildwars 2 Level 55 Ranger = General Rank with 1,200,000+ AP ,Full Fenris, 4/5 Stormwing Armor [3 Pieces are 6 slot] , MASTERCARVED Bow [The one with character name on it] combined with a 50 non elite PVP bow, and FULL stigmas for your use, 200+ Platinum Medals ready to be used for eternal accessories or eternal armor, and 30,000+ Crucible Insignias. Level 55 Templar = FULL PVE Stigmas Amazing Tank, 4/5 Stormwing Armor with Stormwing Shield, Lannoks Greatsword +10 with 40e combine with silence godstone, 38,000+ Crucible Insignias Level 50 Spiritmaster = FULL 40 Elite Armor +10 w/Lakhanes, Alukinas Orb +10 with General Godstone on it, Almost full 50 PVP Accessories, Very fun twink for pvp/rifting or leveling up. Finished General Godstone Kill quest 3/3 [Waiting to be turned in to receive your godstone of your choice.] Level 50 Assassin = Beginner Twink, with Two Extendable daggers [+10 Alukina Dagger (W/SilenceGodstone) & +10 Kromede's Dagger] Has full flash set available to the character. Level 42 Cleric Level 38 Sorcerer Level 30 Chanter OTHER MENTIONABLES : 120+ Gold Medals Available 90m+ Kinnah 5 Tradeable Black Dyes Autoloot Pet from Aion Store (Available for all toons on the account) 499 Alchemy [Ranger] (Has Fine Life Serum Recipe & Fine Recovery Potion Recipe) 500+ Master Handicrafter [Ranger] 499 Aethertapping [Ranger] 400+ Essencetapping [Ranger] 500+ Master Cook [Sorcerer] PICTURES RELATED TO MAIN ACCOUNT: I blanked out a few things so that i wont put the account to risk Aion Account Status w/Guildwars (Good Standing Proof): Quote: Character Screen : Quote: Ranger Details : Quote: Templar Details : Quote: Spiritmaster Details : Quote: Assassin Details : Quote: AGAIN - EVERYTHING ABOVE IS ALL IN ONE NCSOFT MASTER ACCOUNT! This account contains Guildwars [Every expansion and lots of goodies in guildwars as well] and Aion together with all the characters that I mentioned above. ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============================ SECONDARY ACCOUNT (Collectors Edition): ====PRICE: 500==== For Sale here is a 16 month Aion Account, this account is solely my level 55 Cleric with a 35 Chanter as well. This cleric has made been over 2 billion kinnah, you can EASILY make 100m+ Kinnah Soloing Lower and Upper Udas, it is a GREAT money maker, spent TONS of it on upgrades for my other characters on my main account. Cleric Details : 55 Cleric, Full MR Fenris [1975 MR] , 6 slot stormwing shield, Gravekeeper Noble Staff +10 with General Godstone, 2nd Armor Set [MB = 2,100+] , ALL AP Stigmas Available at your disposal 499 Cooking ACCOUNT PICTURE DETAILS: Account Standing / Details : Quote: Cleric Online Picture [MB Set] Quote: Cleric MR SET : Quote: Cleric MB Staff : Quote: IF YOU NEED MORE SCREENSHOTS OF MORE THINGS ABOUT THE TOONS OR INFO SEND ME A PM
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