Selling Exellent Elder Jedi account chilastra 3000$

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    Post status [Still Active] _____________________________________ -Race: Human -Scammer: Male -Play time: 7 years (title available) getvet 2358 last checked as of March 09 2011 -Special edition goggles: Yes -Expansions: Yes -account status: Active -reputation: Exellent (0 warnings 0 bans) -Server Chilastra -Med collection compleated -WP collection compleated -cloak of hate in storage -Shatterpoint cloak in storage -LS elder jedi robe in storage -DS elder robe cuddently equiped -second DS elder robe used in house deco -Dark Fury set -many lightsabers caped (including Bestine sidius hilt) -all heroics compleated -house professionally decorated (you are not going to see 2 like mine) -house status Items in used 1335 -house capacity 1550 -missing only Organizational datapad to have the full 1650 cap -will put everything els extra in a guild hall as storage befor i sell (Latest vet rewards) -Flight of the vet reward -house plant reward -entired SE goggle set as deco (including both Novaless goggles and pre-cu special event reward goggles) -so far the house is worth a few billions -many pre cu items -dusk in kashiro painting -bacta tank -RLS costume -other RLS items -Many 35's -compleate armor sets 8200 -Sunrider crystal -B'nar's crystal -Kenobi crystal (untuned) and yes.... i do have both. dont ask and come see for your self. -Lava crystal -Perma frost crystal -blackwing crystal -Banes heart -Morgukai Shadow Scroll -Wampa Arm -around 10 ancient flawless pearls. -around 5 flawless -Mutated spined Rancor pet (60 points) -shock collar -Server first title and badge (exeptional Box) -Missing only 1 legendary box for second server first + the entire RLS collections compleated -many TCG redeemed -average of 7000 available TCG play cards (many foils) -second house cleaning kit used as deco -Beru's cookbook used in house storage (reclaimable) -darth maul statue -Boba fet statue -jango fet statue -mace windu statue -snowspeeder ITV -Desert skiff -ord podreva podracer -BT 310 podracer -IPGX 1131 podracer -Merr sonn jetpack -Koro -Lightbending barc -Flash speeder -Lava skiff -guise of master and much more.... __________________________________________________ _______ account includes my medic Level 90 -zabrak male -Striker 5 piece -First responce 5 piece -full kin armor with 35s (including mele weapon) -guise of ice -guise of fire -few other tcgs -ISD imperial backpack -TK backpack __________________________________________________ _______ For the FULL compleate view of what i have, send me a pm or email to arrange meetings for ingame visits and/or to exchance other contact ways (or) phone # Reason for selling: Moving in new house, new car and new life. As of respect i dedicate my self to keep our transaction 100% confidential that means even if i know who you are in game, it will always stay between us! Asking 3000$/USD (Deal not changing) serious seller looking for serious buyer. so dont bother replying this by telling me its overpriced etc etc. you will simply be ignored. I know what my account is worth and its about that or more. i decide of its price. if you're not intrested, then, kindly dont reply Information on login ID Password + secret answer will be given once the account is payed off (money transaction fully received) Once all compleated i will give you a prepayed free extra month as a token of my gratitude for trading with me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.